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Cube world game (update cubes on something more advance later)
Api java,Opengl

What have now: Terrain generator ,Auto grass grow ;), Unlimited world (X,Y,Z), collision , place block system, save-load.

What can do now: Run, jump, swim, place block or take them off.

Site Offline

Download on Site tunablereality[dot]p[dot]ht

Move “W,A,S,D” Jump “Space” Hot Bar “1-6”
Show Select obj “Q”
Fly “F” Invetory " i " Menu “Esc”
Fog - Render distance ,the lower number the faster game render.
Frame limit - If you want play without lags set in “On” ,this also prevent game from using additional Pc resource.
Render full – turn off part of bsp tree can add lags but render all hi can :wink:
Model Range – range for transform hi detail model to low detail (the lower the more fps you gain (in theory:)))
If you have lags first set Fog on “Close 1”, Render full “Off”,Model Range”0” and set Frame limit “On”,
If lags don’t disappear turn on “Show FPS” if fps lower then 50 and “OBJ all” lower then 800
(Also check in Task list (in OS) CPU usage if you have something like 70+ % CPU usage on game with all this option ,don’t forget to Post me you’re CPU name and CPU usage)
Post me you’re Video card name, Fps, OBJ cont;)
Version 0.1471
Bug fix
Version 0.147
Add tress mobs ,cactus :slight_smile:
Version 0.13
Add Unlimited world (X,Y,Z), upgrade terrain generator, add grass auto grow(also snow falls auto and water)
In this version fly speed 100%
In water 60% on sand 80%.
Grass grow 5 sec for big grass and small,
Water 0.5 sec flow,
Snow 0.25 sec;

Version 0.12
Add grass, flowers ,trees fix some bugs ,and many else small things that I cant remember now.

Version 0.11
Add fly ,rewrite gravity ,do some optimization (150%+ fps),rewrite half texture loader, also you can now use own texture (rewrite exist in folder bim\stot they must be same name and ‘JPG’)also when you change texture they change HUD (box texture in HUD),Rewrite Water (now shi flows unique every block)simple try - its funny ,and many-many else small thing (cant remember it now) HF =)

Img Video
Version 0.13

(unlimited world)
Version 0.12


Version 0.11

Version 0.10


Plan on next version:
Project Frozen.

Even though this is nice work, I don’t really see the originalty. We both know that this is basicly minecraft re-implemented.
It’s a nice engine and all, but it’s the gameplay that really matters.

It fully different engine from craft ,maybe its looks same but same applet take only 40 mb when craft eat 100 mb on same map size, also in test generator I have unlimited x,y,z when craft only x,z (if you try craft you understand me) I don’t include this feature I fear my free hosting cant hold unlimited maps ( problems with size I have limit :frowning: ), about texture , we can use really hi resolution texture ,to prevent error with different video carts I use max 512x512.
Now I want finish site after this I return to game:)

The last Minecraft clone got a lot of hate. So I suggest making it not look like a Minecraft clone.

Yeah, sorry, it looks technically competent but isn’t it just another clone - I don’t see anything new…?
Try something different: (here’s a tip) use tetrahedrons instead of cubes - the maths is cleaner (marching tetrahedrons algorithm) and the landscape would be much smoother! AFAIK no-one’s done it yet…
…Hey! I want 10%!

Whoa Minecraft copy! As zammbi said, you’re gonna get A LOT of hate ;D
Good luck!

Ty :slight_smile:

No one should be hating just because a game is similar to Minecraft. Icecore even explained it in his first post. Minecraft copied ideas from Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer. Markus has stated he has no problem with people borrowing Minecraft ideas and innovating. He already has infinite terrain on all axes, which Minecraft doesn’t. There is no need to be defensive. If his Minecraft clone can challenge Minecraft, then that in itself is an achievement. Either way, let him have fun. This game should be treated with the same respect as any other game posted on these boards.

Some people write Minecraft clients that can connect to real Minecraft servers without the need to pay. That is very different, and a good reason to get upset.

ty :slight_smile:
Up for site:
add new file hosting (downloading fastert And support cache system lwjgl but have Bandwidth in 5 times lesser :))
old link on bottom of Play

I Wanted to try it but I think you are expecting a little too much of us by requiring registering just to play the 0.10a version .
I suggest you skip this part for now and let us just test your game without giving out our email and filling other 5 fields .
(I bet you got close to zero registration up to now)

I don’t have email authorization simple write any email ,name and pass(try dont forget them:))
(all passes encode in DB for you’re and my safety;) they don’t have decode algorithm only way decode them is ‘brut force’ even rewersing encode algorithm wile be same ’brut forse”.)
(email and second pass need for later when I finish forgot pass system and option on site)

I’m not worried about security. I’m talking about people being lazy.
I have developed (and finished) a few games now and I can tell you, people are far less excited about your game than you are . Dont get me wrong i’m not talking about your project in particular, I’m talking about any inddie or unknown game in general.
If you want people to try your indie, unknown and unfinhshed game, I suggest you remove any kind of barrier between the link you provide and the game itself.
Maybe then they’ll give it a shot .

An interesting thought. I’ve recently knocked together a model designer using cubes with an eye on JavaFx 2.0. You drag faces and corners in plan, side and front view and group cubes together for animation purposes. It didn’t take long to write and I can knock up ‘robot’ like wireframe models in a few seconds. Texture unwrap is trivial too. When Oracle have implemented TexturePaint (in 3D) then non-cube shapes will be possible. I was looking at the Marching Cubes algorithm (apparently the patent has expired now) with interest. The terrain and models would still be a bit lumpy, but much easier to design than doing arbitrary 3D meshes. There is a slight drawback in that buildings that are supposed to be angular would get a somewhat ‘melted’ look. I think it might be better to stick with a cube bounding box, but allow a number of different shapes to be chosen at design time. Alternatively maybe have a ‘Marching Cubes’ flag against each cube to indicate whether it should be smoothed. There might be some difficulties merging smoothed and nonsmoothed terrain. Anyway, enough off topic waffling.

On-topic: I looked at the video. Very minecraft-esque.

Offline version , simple download unpack and run html (don’t have save load).

Many games are similar to other games, it, doesn’t do their bad, or good always need try :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool, even if it is just Minecraft redone (but that in itself is an achievement).

I would suggest doing more to distinguish your game from Minecraft, and focusing on that instead of trying to get feature parity.

Many thing need to do(upgrade collision, do best optimization, rewrite terrain generator(add trees etc), and many else…)
I do site now when finish him return to game =)
p.s If have any problem with running post it here .

I vote for tetrahedrons :stuck_out_tongue:


If you about errors , yes better screenshots , if you about “can I see game screenshots” better look the video or try it :slight_smile:
(link up on gamefront)

Only now remember :slight_smile: I used already something similar with tetrahedrons (really strange form objects) I use them to do more smother mounts :slight_smile: (100% cube world looks weird)