Old 3d graphics

So most people don’t get it, but I’m a massive fan of some of the old so called terrible graphics from systems like the ps1, and earlier 3d pc games. I was wondering if anyone with more knowledge on 3d graphics than I could tell me what is causing a few of these, and maybe if there is a way I can achieve this today?

I think I get a few things - low resolution and linear filtering for that blurry look?



So in some games, (Dungeon Keeper (#3) - the floor) when you look up close at textures they begin to curve or warp?

Also on loads of playstation games when anything moves it sort it… stutters around? #1 is silent hill, and at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI5FCJF-Fas&feature=player_detailpage#t=389 (6:29) you can see his hands going wild even though they are still.

I also don’t understand how they used to light their games, even with modern hardware lighting is the bane of my life performance wise. The last 2 are resident evil survivor stories. I don’t see they lit them, is it lightmaps for the level and ambient for the players? Whenever I used ambient lights everything looks terrible, but in the outdoor parts of Silent Hill I couldnt figure out how it was lit, but it does’t look horrendous. And the colours, were they limited?

Purely as a hobby type project, I want to achieve the kind of graphical look many old playstation games had and am a huge fan of low poly models of which I make many.

(I know #2 is pre-rendered backgrounds not sure why I included that one)

While I’m not an expert on it, I think most of the old PSOne quality graphics were a side effect of extremely low polygon textures and complicated render culling to improve performance that didn’t always work very well, but was still pretty much required to get a decent frame rate.

As for the blurriness, that’s just simply really low resolution blurry textures rendered on SD resolution displays, either with or without interlacing depending on if it was a console game on an old CRT TV or a PC with a (usually) higher quality CRT.

One way of achieving something like this is to render the scene to a scaled down FBO, as seen here:

Just tried rendering to a smaller fbo and fillining the screen with it, looks pretty cool! Still curious about how they lit stuff though if anyone knows

That’s because older software renderers as well as the PS1 couldn’t do perspective correct texture mapping. I don’t think that you can disable perspective correction on current hardware. You might be able to set some hint but the hardware will most likely ignore it.

Ah, but you could write a shader to get the effect :slight_smile:

Yes, you could, but i really don’t think that it’s worth the effort.

I agree with you completely. The OP seems to think otherwise, so I was just pointing out it is possible.

You just need to set interpolation type qualifier as [noperspective]. Simple as that.

Whoa, what game is that? That is beautiful.

Interesting (but still pointless… ;)) ! I wasn’t aware of that option.

Speaking as someone who has no clue what that means, (and despite it being pointless :P) where would one look to find a way of setting that…

I dont get what you guys mean by “pointless”… the point is to make it look like a PSX game, so… it has a point
WHY is a different question which is probably fueled by nostalgia, which is fine :smiley:

so yeah low polygons, no AA, low res textures, low res screen
another thing is pre rendered backgrounds. so much pre rendered. I mean look at RE 1


3 models and one background texture, ok maybe 4, one more for the optional knife

690 polygons

Texture curving and warping is due to them not interpolating the texture values based upon the 3d position , instead they have a large number of textured triangles , when you zoom they change shape the texture is the same.

For some reason I really like the graphics from the first Alone In The Dark, although I guess those are way too primitive for the OP (No lighting, software rendering).


Offtopic: Man, I remember when Alone In The Dark was released, it was so groundbreaking and revolutionary… :stuck_out_tongue:

Acually I love that too, in particular the textureless flat shading of the main character.

I even went as far as to remove textures in one of my billions of projects (kept lighting though, character uses a head torch)

The original PS1 Silent Hill is one of those games that gains a lot from its crappy graphics. It’s a bit like looking at an old pinhole photograph in that it becomes a bit abstract in places and your imagination takes over and fills in the gaps. I believe the imagination is more powerful than anything, so I actually get your point.

That, and the way it uses fog /darkness to keep the draw distance down really made it terrifying IMO. Playing it on an emulator with smooth shading and filtering etc actually removes something!

Jester, which project is that, and is it downloadable/playable?