[WoW-2D] TiledMap Parsing

Hey everyone!

While working on WoW-2D, I had to build my own Tiled parser which I’ve done before. If anyone has experience with parsing out TiledMaps (tmx) themselves, I need some pointers on how I could possibly make the code I’ve done even faster.
With my current code, a 50x50 map takes between 200-300ms to load. Here is my gist with all of the parsing/generation code: Tiled Gist

More specifically, if you look at the class ‘TiledLayer,’ I’m looking for a way to make that generation faster. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Link to your Gist doesnt work for me.
May I ask why you decided to build your own parser and not taking the one of your engine or an open source one?

My GitHub got flagged, most likely due to their spam-detection system. Some people have gotten wrongfully flagged when posting gists. Working on getting it fixed.
I wrote my own parser because my project will require specifics later down the road that Slick2D doesn’t offer and, frankly, I don’t like how Slicks Tiled parsing/rendering works. I haven’t looked at any open-source parsers yet. I also wrote my own parser just so I have the knowledge in mind, really. I’ve written my own before.