Website OPEN! ;D

As it currently says, stay tuned! I’m working on the system right now, and it’s going to be ready by Dec 1st (God I hope!!), at least I’m long way there.

Brand new domain - awesome stuff! That logo though, the k is suppoed to be lowercase (as in kB), no? :slight_smile:

K is uppercase.

no worries apple ;D

there isn’t much there yet, so the only thing to pick on is the “k”. Actually, the color, should it not be… ;D

Really, though. The prefix is “kilo”, which is abbreviated by a lowercase k. :wink:

Anyway, I was only joking around. I’m dying to see the new site! :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath :slight_smile: Although it’s nice to get a new website up and domain, it’s still only a temporary one I had to quickly put up. I’ll make a total redesign once I have free time in december.

I’m currently setting the website up on the server, having some problems with php and the libraries, they don’t seem to like the server, but works perfectly on my desktop machine. Website probably won’t open until saturday, dec 1st. So it will be just in time.

Yes, the little logo currently means ‘4 Kelvin’. Which of course is pretty cool too :wink:

Puns <3

If you really think it is or should be in lower case, then you are only allowed to use 4000 bytes in this competition :wink: The rest can use 4096 :smiley:

No no, it is the 4 potassium compo :stuck_out_tongue:

Point taken, although there’s no mention of unit; 4k could mean “4 kilograms” as well as “4 kilobytes”, and I’m fairly sure you can fit lots of code on paper in four kilograms. In fact, whath we really need is to specify it as “4 Kib”. With only the K, it means Kelvin and nothing else :wink:

The site is open.

You can register a user account
You can submit games


  • New layout. The current one is temporary, something I had ready.
  • Add all the games from the previous competitions to the database
  • More features

Can one change games after they’ve been submitted?

You can change the games yes, but not after the deadline (end of february), then it’s frozen.

I’ve uploaded the layout for the Java4k website 8)

More features will be coming in the next 1-2 weeks, but for now it should be enough for viewing games, registering an account and submitting games.

Please submit some games asap so I can verify it works! (should work!)

Ok. Submitted my game.

I prefer games embeded in web pages as Applet/ /flash, and I usually close if something Webstartable open, so I was wondering about the fact that maybe webstart rather than applet make game less attractive ? I woulk just like to have some opinions on this (from a user side not programmer)?

There is more work involved (for me) to allow applets to be embedded in the pages, I think.

For now, I think webstart is mandatory for all games. I think 100% of the games in previous competition were webstart capable. Applets are good too, but I need to look into it and see what sort of uploading features I need to include.

From a user’s point of view webstart allows you to execute offline as the JAR is cached (if the jnlp file allows it, which usually is the case) when you run it. With webstart you also have the facility to keep track of all your webstart apps.

Webstart is a way to distribute programs to ease the burden on a user.

Interesting comment. Would you care to explain why you don’t like webstart. I find that applets quite often don’t quit as they should and you end up having to brutally kill the browser to get back mem and cpu. I see no real drawback in webstart, just click link and you are ready to play, can even use full screen and as mentioned you can play off-line. Applets are fine as well if they are done right, and maybe more comfortable for “flash players”, but we don’t cater to them in this compo.

[quote]Interesting comment. Would you care to explain why you don’t like webstart
Ok, basically, there are two main reasons:

  • First it popup a window and I dislike popup as many user (Notice this may also cause browser problem as you can simulate a click on jnlp and bypass the browser popup blocker…as well as install program on it computer)
  • Second It put one add/remove program in the windows add/remove program list and I hate this point…, so installing the program for offline a said above is sure great for offline but imagine if that all flash all over the web was installed into your computer!, what I mean is “Web is Web” and “CD are CD” , sry, dont really know if it is undertandable…

I think it is an inconvenient for user that a program is installed in there computer when they dont know. Webstart make me think as a simple .exe link but even with exe file you can choose save/execute ? webstart make the choice for you “execute & install”. I also think it can cause browser security issue by make the user think think that it is a real window.