Voxel Engine written in Kotlin + libGDX

Now that it’s not cool anymore, I spent the last week writing a simple voxel engine.

The interesting thing about it is that it’s written in Kotlin.

It makes use of libgdx and I’ve put it up on github:

“All game-engines will be moved to Archived Projects”
-Riven, administrator of JGO

Only “game engines.” This would be Cube World Projects, maybe.

Sorry, corrected it. Well maybe, but it has all characteristics of an engine, and even the OP described it as one, so I don’t know.

Yes, it looks like this should be moved to Cube world projects, not sure how to do that.

A mod will do that if they feel the need.

Moved :slight_smile:

Was bored and started paraphrasing this into Java back from Kotlin… Lol

Right now it just builds the mesh and renders a single chunk, no complex terrain generation yet, good starting point for others though since it’s only using color and position for the shaders, vs texture and normals.

Updated the “port” with some basic terrain generation and texture support.