I’ll be attempting to make a game similar to the Wipeout series.

Not much to show yet other than a shape on a grid but should be enough to meet the first milestone set by princec.

Current progress can be seen as an applet here. Applet mainly because its the least painful way for others to test it.

The jar can be obtained here.

Cool thing is that its barely reached 4kb (likely this could be optimised down to about 3kb), plenty of space for the rest of the game :slight_smile:

Hehe, flows nicely at 63 F… 63 FPS!!! Didn’t we decide not to use Display.sync(60) in the stuttering thread?!

Looking forward to the game! xD

Yeh, but did we come up with a solution that works ?

Thanks, still a way to go though before its a game.

Works fine on my Windows 7 laptop with Intel Graphics :slight_smile:

Quite boring actually ;D ;D

I love wipeout

Cool, I especially like the easyness of the applet to use.
Using an applet should be the standard here.

I downloaded the jar and already put it on folder together with all natives but throw an exception (simple msgbox only without stacktrace btw)

What does your batch script or command line look like?

Never mind, I got it worked ;D

QFT! The reason I only tested two of the three games was because one didn’t have an applet.

There is a bug in the steering, if you steer heavily in one direction and then quickly switch direction the ship sometimes gets stuck going straight forward instead of changing direction.


For a lot us applets Just don’t work. Please don’t do only do applets. A java -jar MyAwesome16k.jar is my preferred option every time.

Yeh agreed, besides they add a small size overhead compared to just jar. However IMO it is the most painless way for people to test. As simple as just clicking a link and running it while remaining inside your browser, it doesn’t get more painless or lazy than that.

Not sure how true that is these days, its probably limited to a handful of people with broken installations or those using some third party plugin. The Oracle plugin has matured a lot in the last few years and the days when applets were highly buggy and broken are long gone (sure there are still some rough edges). The situation is a bit like how the ‘Java is too slow’ image stayed with Java for so long even once it had reached a point where it wasn’t really true anymore.

We’re going to figure out some sort of applety thing that will automatically take people’s 16k jars and run them as applets - just not applets that are embedded in the browser, necessarily. I’ve got registered and a blank website sorted, just getting it set up with a Wordpress blog to manage the content in the simplest possible manner.

Cas :slight_smile:

How about you evalutate the standalone jar-size, and demand an applet for presentation?
Packaging it as both should be of no hassle for a developer.
(Whoever has problems with applets can alternatively download it and type these weired commandline thingies)

Someone “normal” visiting the contest-page with weiredlooking downloadinstructions will simply not testplay the games.
People might spend 30Minutes hasseling to get Skyrim installed, but not some random Indygame.

The showcase would get poor public response.
It must be as easy as starting a flashgame.

Someone normal, goes to the page and then it asks if they really want to … What? cancel!.. go do something else.

The definition here of “always works” seems to be closer to “always works for me”. For example for the 4k comps there have always been a few that just won’t work. Period. Typically because the server is not compliant with pack200 applet spec. aka not providing a plain jar when it should do so.

And seriously what is so hard with providing a jar? or a archive?

Provision is easy, it’s just lazy (ordinary) people can’t be bothered to drop said jar into the previously described deployment situation and try it. At least rest assured that I’ll be trying anything posted. When I get the website sorted I’ll have a bash at deploying them all in applet form, or something.

Cas :slight_smile:

Agreed, and that’s exactly what I am aiming at for now. Just gimme your simple zipped jars and bat/sh launches.

Cas :slight_smile:

This is extremely off-topic, but Damocles, where do you get your images? Those girls are reallllllly cute :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Whipeout. I can’t listen to a Prodigy song anymore without randomly saying “Missiles” in a deep voice. Can’t wait to see what this turns into.

I prefer Applets, btw. That’s why I switched to Java. You can get tons of people to experience you game if you simply provide a link.