TUER: Truly Unusual Experience of Revolution, FPS using JOGL

I have been progamming my own FPS since october using java and JOGL to achieve creating quite good graphics with hardware rendering and other interesting features. The source code has been largely inspired from d3caster, written by Vincent Stahl but has been improved. Nevertheless, I have a few bugs in my current MD3 loader. There is a distance between the bottom and the top of the body of the model. I need some help to find the solution. I ported the MD3 loader written by Digiben into java. The original source code in C++ (and a MD3 model) is there :

Please find enclosed my source code in java.
The original version of the game is here :
My version of the game is here :
You need JRE 1.5 and JOGL beta 5 to test it. I really need some help. I have been looking for a solution to have my MD3 loder worked since about 2 weeks. I can’t use true fullscreen mode under both windows and linux, it’s very unpleasant. It would be nice if someone could give me some advice. That’s only my second “try” of 3D video game programming.

Edit.: rather click here : http://tuer.sourceforge.net/play.php

I show you a screenshot of the MD3 loader.

This is a screenshot of my game.

This is a screenshot of the MD3 loader.


This is a screenshot of my game at the beginning of an attack phase. Notice the dynamic lighning and the shadows under some robots and the walls.

This screenshot shows some explosions.

I hope to get some help for the MD3 loader or it will be a real problem to develop the game.

There is an excellent MD3 loader and Quake 3 maps viewer written in gl4java.


If you’re interested in this, I will probably adapt the code in order to use JOGL. Here we go!

Err, tried to run the game, couldn’t get anything to work. I downloaded the 10_02 something zip and extracted it, then tried to run the aa.jar and the masks.jar (I assumed a jar in the parent dir would execute the game?) but they both say invalid or corrupt jar file. A little more instruction on how to run this? I haven’t yet downloaded all the “prerequisites” (I realized these existed after reading through a few files) but I would think the jar would at least execute and then crash if it was missing a library, wouldn’t it?

Oh and please please please package the required files in the package you have up for download. JOGL versions have been known to change significantly between releases and it’s much easier for anyone testing it to have the files already there. And this is also a reason why people may not have JOGL installed to their JREs (the version could conflict with another older JOGL program they may happen to run).

A lot of the forum members can be very busy, please make the download/test as easy as possible if you want to get feedback. Webstart would be fantastic if you could set it up.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. There is a makefile inside the zip file. To use the game, follow these steps :

  • unzip the tuer_…_.zip
  • go into the directory where “aa.jar” is
  • enter “java -jar aa.jar”

If you want to recompile the source, follow these steps :

  • unzip the tuer_…_.zip
  • go into the directory where “aa.jar” is
  • enter “make”

You need the JRE 1.5 and JOGL beta 5. As it seems to be complicated for you to use my game, I give you the link to download the JOGL version I use currently :

To install JOGL, follow these steps :

  • download jogl.jar (use the link above)
  • go into your JRE directory
  • copy jogl.jar in your directory called “/jre/lib/ext” or something like “/java-1.5.0-sun-”
  • download the jogl-natives.jar which matches with your operating system
  • decompress the jar file
  • copy libjogl.so, libjogl_awt.so, libjogl_cg.so and libjogl_drihack.so in the directory called “/jre/lib/i386/” or something like “/java-1.5.0-sun-” (WINDOWS users, you obtain .dll files instead of .so files)

Use only aa.jar to launch the game.

The other jar files stores data used in the game, images and masks.

To use the loader, copy each class in a file, compile and enter “java MD3Viewer”.

Sorry if it was frustrating not to be able to try my game and thank you again for your reply.

Edit.: I was a real beginner in JOGL in 2007. Of course, NEVER copy any JARs into jre/lib/ext.

You’re right, there is something wrong in the jar file.
When I enter “java -jar aa.jar”, I get this message :
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file

Something happens to my zip file on CVS, I don’t know what.

Therefore, if you want to use the game, recompile the source at first!!
It is easy. If you already have the good version of JOGL, use my makefile.
If you can’t use my makefile, enter “java stahlforce/*.java” and “java d3caster”.
Is that alright now?

Far, far, far too hard. How about a nice easy webstart version? ;D

Too hard???

It is a little bit long but it is not difficult as I explain each step. I thought this is a forum for game developpers. If you have the good version of JOGL, you only have to enter “make” and “java -jar aa.jar”. Do you find it complicated? I could use the class JOGLAppletLauncher and webstart but I have no website. Sorry. I know it would have been easier. I will add an installer in the following weeks. If you have already installed an other version of JOGL, it is quite easy to install another one.

If you suggest me to use webstart etc…, tell me how to do. Thank you for your reply.

I’ve found a tutorial about webstart. I will try to see how to deploy my game with it but I don’t promise anything as I have no website.

I tried to configure Java Web Start. You might play with my game by clicking of the link below :

The link will be active only from Monday the 5th of March 2007!!!

There could be something wrong because I would have loaded the libraries with “System.loadLibrary(…);”. Please try it and tell if if something is wrong. It’s the first time that I use Java Web Start so keep cool. I didn’t plan to do it. I wish you a happy gaming here! :wink:

The MD3 loader works fine now!!! I thank Ben Humphrey, Ron Sullivan,Thomas Hourdel and Frederic Kauffmann for their help and their sources.

Ben Humphrey’s website : www.gametutorials.com
Frederic Kauffmann’s website for the amber project : http://users.skynet.be/fabrice.kauffmann/theamberproject/

The result is good, the top of the body is now correctly linked to the bottom!!


If you need a MD3 loader for JOGL, I will update the packages of the source on sourceforge.net to allow you to download it. If you use LWJGL, download the source of the amber project.

This is a short video of my game :


Looks good!

TUER? like the the verb tuer in french? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, the quality of the video is very low. I will use xvidcap to improve it. Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, the name of the game is a play of words and means “kill” (“tuer” in french which is my mother tongue). Maybe the link for my game works now :


I’m sorry if something is wrong. Bye. :wink:

I understood the meaning of tuer since I’m a francophone as well.

Can someone tell me if it works fine?


If not, please tell me what happens, give me some details of the error messages in the JVM window.