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Latest video (July 7th 2019)


2019 UPDATE:
Game is being ported to libGDX and narrative is starting to take shape

It looks good but you should work on the performance of the game because sometimes i get ~75FPS and sometimes i get a poor ~25FPS

Thats really odd, maybe its just the way it works with your hardware. on my crappy pc it runs 120fps and on a mildly beeefy pc it ran 400-500fps before i locked the framerate. Well thanks for the input, after all this hasnt been tested on many systems.

For me this game not working. Game runs ok, but then I press ‘Start Game’ and all generation was done, I getting white screen with title: “TritonForge”. And nothing more :frowning:

Make sure that your java is fully updated.
I don’t use any libraries so there isn’t any real reason why it shouldn’t be working.

not using any libraries is where the performance is dropping.

not necissarily. not using libraries tends to drop performance, but in this case, everything is so simple that performance isn’t drastically dented due to the lack of libraries.
on my 1.5GB ram, amd e-350 processor acer aspire, running at more than 100fps is insane, nothing else runs that fast on my pc. i have to test this on more systems but the performance is generally good as i said before, in one case 400-500fps(before i locked the framerate to a max of 120)

I will look more into performance optimization in the future but this is still a prototype demo lol.

may i ask for the specs on your pc death_angel? it would really help me get insight on why it is not performing well.

My specs:
CPU:Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.20 GHz
Ram: 4GB
OS: Windows 7 64bits
GPU: AMD Radeon HD7600 M

This looks great, good work!

The hell?!?!
somethings seriously wrong here… i’ll figure it out (:
theres no way there should be performance issues on a pc like that.

in the mean time though, would you mind redownloading it? i did change the download link shortly after posting this and it’s possible you have the version from before the “patch” i made a few weeks ago.
if that doesn’t change anything and you havent already tried this, change the VM args in the .bat file to around 1 gig of ram and use that to launch the jar

thanks for the input, as always :smiley:

First attempt at Theme Music for playing in the background at random times(kinda like the way minecraft’s system works) is being uploaded to YouTube at this moment!!


What do you guys think??

Now i get 110FPS.
Your rar files has an .exe virus file :cranky:

wtf… i made that exe myself and its never given me problems in the past, maybe it’s reading as a virus because i’m not a “known publisher”
nevertheless, i’ll find a different method for .exe’s in the future

Nah, its fine. Its just chrome bitching about jar files for me.

you should put the game on steam greenlight.
If it’s get accepted for users you can make money from it.

That makes more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I was considering putting it on greenlight but I don’t have anywhere near enough people knowing about this game AND liking it for it to be accepted.

Thoughts for the future I guess.
I’ll be adding another updated link that has the biomes and music added sometime this week.

I think putting it on greenlight costs like 90 euros or something
I think they did that to reduce the amount of shit projects

Yeah here in Canada its 100$ flat. O wouldn’t mind saving up and paying that. But I still have to add things like collecting btoken blocks and enemies so that its fully playable. Gotta change this from a “shit project” to a decent one first :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to download the new update, I’m playing around with parralax scrolling now and its pretty cool

I’m getting around 600fps, but the player is moving around too fast for the game to be playable. Either he’s had a gallon of red bull or you need to have a look at your game loop :). The lighting could use some improvement too, it looks like you’re using a mask at night and it’s making the torches useless.

Which download did you use?
I already locked the frame rate in the latest version.

Unless it freezes at first and then goes super fast… Its a frameskip bug that quickly shows all of the skipped frames before continuing, idk why it happens