Tiny Dungeons - WIP

I’ve started working on a game again. Haven’t worked on a real one in ages. I don’t want to give away to much just yet, here’s a screenshot:

It’s gonna be a kind of light-weight Diablo kinda dungeon crawler thingy. Sorty, kinda. With a twist.

Wow, I really like the graphics style! Sure looks fun to play. Is this in 2.5D or 3D? Can’t really tell from a single picture.

Graphics is indeed awesome! Im hoping to hear about this more!

The graphics remind me to Kev’s game, which I love :slight_smile:

I want to get my hands on a .jar :smiley:

Looks really nice!


First rendering and path finding test, nothing fancy.

Desktop: http://t.co/WQlEF5cm
Android http://t.co/4rFrLFgi

If you happen to test it on your Android device, please tell me what device it is and what OS version it’s running.

Runs at steady 60fps on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1

Those 3d pixelated walls look great!

The QR code appears to be a completely blank TEXT code. No workie.

@badlogic: Try the [ qr ] tags of JGO

@riven, sproingie: didn’t know about that qr tag, fixed, thanks!

Steady 30fps on my SGS3 (ICS).

Edit: turning off power saving, it goes to 60 fps. Actually it alternates regularly between 59 and 60 every couple seconds, so perhaps the FPS counter has accuracy issues?

55-57 FPS on my Samsung Infuse with Gingerbread.

Works fine on Nexus S / Android 4.1.2 and runs @ the device’s frame cap of ~56fps.

Steady 90fps on my crappy Samsung GT-S5660 (Android 2.2.1)

Runs at 60-62 fps, even. Nice graphics.

I have been replied to on twitter, but again. 55-59 fps on HTC Desire V (4.0.3).

PC - 60 - 61 fps

A nice little effect might be a gold circular ripple (like the effect of dropping/throwing a water in water) so the user knows exactly where the player is going, could be saved to polishing stage though.

The path finding seems perfect, I have had once or twice a few silly path finding (could be just because of where I clicked) aka the player was on the right side then crossed to the other side then went back to the other side.

Cool stuff.
60 fps windows 7.
60 fps samsung galaxy 1, android 2.3.3.

The movement would be nicer if the player could hold the mouse/finger-tip down and drag around rather than repeatedly tapping.