The Intergalactic Trashman - PLAYABLE ALPHA AVAILABLE!!!



[s]- Windows (.exe file, with bundled JRE (java 7 NOT required)):
TIT Public Pre-Alpha Review 3 (Windows .EXE)


The Intergalactic Trashman is a 2D space exploration game (piloting a space ship) with platform stages that combines action, puzzles and stealth.

The main character works collecting and recycling space trash and unwittingly, he find himself involved in an intriguing adventure. He will need to travel around the universe to find his partner and friend that has disappeared under strange circumstances.

The things that you can do:

  • Travel through the space in order to discover new planets,collectibles,NPCs,trash…
  • Solve different type of puzzles.
  • Fight against enemies (space pirates, soldiers, turrets…)
  • Upgrade your ship and weapons.
  • Discover the main plot.

Main idea
We want to combine this in two different kind of stages that are joined. You can land on a planet with your ship, and enter with the character in a factory (2D platforms stage), and then, you can exit the factory and fly again. It’s a spatial pseudo-sandbox.

[NEW] A space/platform stages alpha gameplay:


Our hero is the little creature below.

* The main character color is customizable and he will wear clothes.

The Main Mothership (the basecamp) will be inhabited by several characters which we will be able to interact with.

Our hero will find differents enemies through his adventures. Currently, we have the Jelly Enemies, that guard factories which our hero will investigate.In addition, he must fight with space pirates that try to destroy your ship and steal its parts.

We are using LibGDX (Java/LWJGL) for the game logic ( The animations are done with Spine (

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
GloveCat Studio

Our website:

Old stuff:

I’m not at a computer right now, but from what I can tell from the video is the art is very good! It’s cool to see that you are using spine for animations. Also, the gameplay looks very smooth. Good work!

Amazing smooth-looking animations and nice artwork.
Looks very good!

Thank you for your comments guys!

And now a new image! These are the three gas stations where our hero must throw the different kinds of trash and where he can refuel his space ship.

Cool beans! Reminds me of invader zim.

this looks incredible… the characters have so much character and the animations are so fluid… love the look of all the artwork… cant wait to play it!!! what platforms are you launching on? and when can i play?

i love the style of the main character. animations are really good too!

Very very pretty. A couple critiques (just from the video):

  • The physics looks a little too floaty to be as satisfying as it could be
  • It’s not clear what you can jump on. It would be better maybe to blur stuff that’s pure background, or put a common outline color over standable ledges.

First of all, thanks for your comments!

At this moment the supported platforms are Windows and Linux but we hope publish the game on Mac and Android too. About when you can play… I think that at the end of summer we will release a playable version, be patient :smiley:

You are right, the physics needs a lot of adjusts… And about the background layer, it will have parallax and blur effect. We want that background looks like this image:

What do you think?

Looks cute, I like the concept/story as well. Keep it up!

I agree ! Your art style is really nice and the whole thing is smooth and nice-looking, really promising. Yet in terms of gameplay I had the same thought as Eli Delventhal. But in your last screenshot platforms seemed more intuitive.

Oh my goodness!
You sir. (Sir?) Have an amazing game right there.
I absolutely LOVE the cute little sprites!

I will most definitely be bookmarking this!

Keep going! You have my support :smiley:

Thanks jonjava, Tim Spekler and Quirq for your comments! :smiley:

Here is a screenshot of space stages. I guess that we will release a space gameplay video next week.

P.S.: Planets will have decorative elements as trees, rocks, leaves, rivers… but they are not included yet.

This is our hero being hit by a lightning bolt. I hope you like it!

Awesome, you have some great artist(s) working on this! I really like the consistent style and the friendly atmosphere it breathes. Could you give me a hint as to what tools you use to make the graphics? Apart from Spine I mean. Photoshop and a 3D program or something?

Good luck with the development!

@Grunnt I’m glad you like it :smiley: We only use Spine and 2D tools (as photoshop or gimp) to make the graphics.

Ah ok, good to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Will there be a playable version soon?

@opiop65 We’ll release a playable version at the end of this summer, around mid-september I guess.

Its like super meat boy and fez had a kid!

Looks cool