Technetium - A realistic voxel game

Hello fellow Java Gamers!

This is the sandbox game Team Technic has been working on for a long time now. I present to you,

Our goal in the end is to have a voxel game with realistic physics and reactions similar to The Powder Toy and other falling sand games. Right now, it is nowhere near playable but we think people should now about this. We are thinking that it will be in alpha around this June or July 2016. Right now it is just a skeleton but soon it will be much more!

 [b]Current Features[/b]

Terrain Based on a Perlin Height Map
Textures smoothed by a Blend Map
3rd Person Camera View
1st Person Camera View (Broken)
A hotbar
Compatibility with .obj models

 [b]What we are working on[/b]

Fixed/Better collisions
Fixed first person view
Terrain destruction/construction
Procedurally generated terrain and blend maps
More simple textures
Voxel Engine

 [b]The Team[/b]

Alex Miccolis - Project Founder
Joao Lourenco - Main Coder
James Birtles AKA UnwrittenFun - Coder