Technetium - A realistic voxel game

Hello fellow Java Gamers!

This is the sandbox game Team Technic has been working on for a long time now. I present to you,

Our goal in the end is to have a voxel game with realistic physics and reactions similar to The Powder Toy and other falling sand games. Right now, it is nowhere near playable but we think people should now about this. We are thinking that it will be in alpha around this June or July 2016. Right now it is just a skeleton but soon it will be much more!

 [b]Current Features[/b]

Terrain Based on a Perlin Height Map
Textures smoothed by a Blend Map
3rd Person Camera View
1st Person Camera View (Broken)
A hotbar
Compatibility with .obj models

 [b]What we are working on[/b]

Fixed/Better collisions
Fixed first person view
Terrain destruction/construction
Procedurally generated terrain and blend maps
More simple textures
Voxel Engine

 [b]The Team[/b]

Alex Miccolis - Project Founder
Joao Lourenco - Main Coder
James Birtles AKA UnwrittenFun - Coder




You can always just edit it, see the right next to reply

Well, I’m an idiot. I fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looks like a tech demo of a voxel engine, nothing new here.

I was just thinking it doesn’t actually look like voxels at all?



Where the voxels at, brah?

tech demo / non voxel lookey likey or not I think the second video still visually looks good, so congratulations on that. I look forward to seeing how this pans out in the future.

@Gibbo3771 - I think the point of the WIP is forum is to post “work in progress” games and this is the very start of a work in progress game. All games start of as tech demo like programs because that is how you progressively develop things, they become more game like during the development process as you add features. I think your comment was a little rude, it may not be anything new at the moment but at least give them a chance, they stated a June / July time for an Alpha of the game which gives them plenty of time to add things. It may eventually be just another pile of crap but you are judging it at an early stage.

I reserve the right to judge, everyone does. Maybe I was a bit rude yes, but the concept is nothing new and posting it in such an early state is kind of pointless.

Yeah… The voxel engine isn’t really working yet. Another video will be uploaded once it is though!

Your team name really threw me off there for a second. Maybe you should consider a name change, the popular Minecraft mod pack (mod? can’t remember) Technic is likely to confuse people and think that the people who made the Technic pack are now making a voxel game.

I’ve been looking this over, and your game looks exactly like ThinMatrix’s tutorial

Tutorials are always great to learn, but when it comes to real game development, you need to understand that tutorials can only get you so far. If your game doesn’t have a voxel engine, or the intended game mechanics after a month of development. Stop making it, and make something smaller.

Update: The project is not dead but I have been incredibly busy and haven’t had time to work on this.
Hopefully, we can get the world generation and voxel engine working soon. I’ll post another video when those are done.

Honestly, I’d prefer it to be dead, because it looks EXACTLY like ThinMatrix’s tutorial, but whatever.

Wow! Thanks for the positive feedback! It really motivates us to make this game better! :emo:

Copying code is not making a game :cranky: … Don’t do that, be original :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to give constructive criticism. Comments like this bring down the tone of the forum.
One of the many good things about this community is that people who have nothing nice to say know how to keep it to themselves.

I was going to say that myself.

@OP: You need to implement distance based rendering for those “floating props” it looks extremely amateur with the current setup. Also, if you’re trying to make a voxel game I would suggest at least using a flat terrain (if you’re using a heightmap just set it all to the same color value or whatever - if you’re using a .obj file then maybe google “Nemesis terrain gen” and simply generate a flat terrain object model)
For a voxel game you need a solid understanding of 3d/vector math… It’s mostly just numbers. Anyways not to be rude but it seems that your team is lacking all of the experience required to actually create a 3D game so why not find a more suitable code base and take it from there? Here’s an example of a game which is powered almost entirely by vector structures and if you implemented a cube class - then you’d be on the right path. The only downside is that the game uses immediate mode and is only good for playing around with and definitely not a production game - but I would recommend using this just to get the hang of basic 3d mathematics