TAFSJ - The Actually Finish Something Jam

Hey everyone,

So the year is coming to an end, and some of us haven’t finished a game yet, or would love to finish one more! Sometimes just a bit of competition is all you need to find the drive to finish a game, and that’s what this is.

Theme: Top Down Shooter (If you have another idea, go for it)
Language/Tech: Whatever you need to finish your game!
Time Frame: Be done prior to The New Year
Goal: Make a game!

The rules are extremely loose. Do what you want BUT finish a game!

We already have a couple people interested. Feel free to ask for help, the end goal is just to have something fun and playable to showcase.


Love it.

I’m in!

I’m participating.

There’ll probably be a lot of discussion on the JGO IRC channel. (http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/jgo-irc/33417/view.html)

Looking forward to seeing your cute pixel art.

I’m in! SilenceEngine needs a good demo.

I’m in as well… Actually just finished a demo for my game engine but it is not top-down

But I have an idea… :slight_smile:

I’ve spent many months scrapping project after project, and this might just give me incentive to complete one :slight_smile: I’m in :slight_smile:

We can use assets from the Internet… Right?

If you’re legally allowed to use them, sure.

Sure… Legal :persecutioncomplex:

How cool I just started on a top-down shooter! Don’t know if it will be finished this year though since I can’t develop this week. But I’ll attempt it! ;D

Sweet! Im in! I’ll do top down but probably not a shooter.


I’m going to try and be in.

Here is progress for today(warning: 21.9mb gif; click here for still image):


To be continued next week!

I don’t got anything better to do for the next couple weeks, might as well make something.

With Mercury of course.

  • Jev

I first started on making art. It took me one hour to draw this.


It is complete for the four directions, I still need another four for diagonal movement.

You might want to redraw that, it currently looks like the player has a large silver penis.



@SHC: If it’s top down, why don’t you make just one image (or animation) which you then rotate?

Wow shit, how can I forget that? Thanks. :emo:

Looking at what people are doing… I’m feeling screwed…
Well, no point in trying…

Top down shooter doesn’t have to people right? Cause I’m not doing people…