t4kns [fits in 4k now!]

Play now!


Implemented features: (Items in {brackets} are incomplete)

  • Nice looking tile graphics with five terrain types! [list] [li]Water. Cannot be passed.
    • Sand. Slow movement speed.
    • Grass. Build bases here.
    • Crystals. Found in sand. Send a harvester here to fill it.
    • Concrete. Place buildings here
  • Random maps!
  • Tanks!
  • Fog of war!
  • Three different buildings! [li]HQ. Builds the other building types, and concrete. Send harvesters here to earn money.
    • Factory. Builds vehicles.
  • Minimap! [li]Shows revealed terrain and visible units.
    • Fog of war is updated in real time.
    • Click minimap to center the camera.
  • Four different units! [li]Harvester. Harvests crystals.
    • Tank. Medium cost, medium speed, medium attack.
    • Heavy. Slow and expensive, but packs a punch.
    • Enemies!
    • Base building!

Oh, that looks and reads great :smiley:
I think there is a surprising lack of this type of games played in a browser. If you can do all that you hope to do then it might be best of this kind on-line, 4K or not!

Look forward to get to play it!

2.03 KB:


I badly want to try that. :>

Nice terrain. :o

Hopefully you can add all those things you were talking about :slight_smile:

This is certainly looking very cool. It’ll be fun to try it once it’s done.

Cheers, Tim.

I look forward to that one! ;D

2.25 KB:


:o :o :o

STOP IT!! You’ll ruin the competition ;D hehe

I must say, I really hope you can squeeze all those things in.

Will be fun to see the code once you’re done :slight_smile:

looks great!

keep enought bytes for enemy IA as I dont whant to fight stupid one :wink:

Looking great!

I had been thinking about entering a realtime strategy game. Signifantly different so it should be able to compete without being compare to your already georgeous entry… my programmer art is quite poor :stuck_out_tongue:

Naval vessels!!! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget tesla coils :wink:

looks brilliant, can’t wait to try it, but must agree that AI will be the hardest part to fit in as it usually requires the most code.

Just over 3kb:


Including collision detection, “pathfinding”, working fog of war (hiding hidden units), and FOUR TYPES OF TANKS!!

…what’s wrong with you? That’d take me several millions of migs and megs (that’s Strongbad talk for “more than 4kb”).

Very cool!

Thanks for the nice feedback. =D

I’m a bit worried about the AI myself, too… If the game isn’t fun to play, none of the fancy graphics will be worth it.
I’ve got a plan, but it might end up horribly boring, especially if I can’t fit base building in there.

Hey, how about a 5k competition? :wink:

few ideas;

  • is it really important for gameplay to have 4 types of units, or will the player have similar experience with only 2 types, or even 1 type?
  • what about two layered fog of war? maybe it’s enough just to have one layer?
  • do you really need to scroll the screen with the mouse, why not use the WASD keys for that? (if lesser code) IMO your left hand rarely does anything in RTS games, why not use it for scrolling? also, when you use WASD keys then clicking on the mini-map doesn’t seem like a big feature. So, that’s two birds in one shot.

argh…i gotta stop now :slight_smile:

very very very impressive for 3k!!!



Yeah, four types of tanks probably is a bit excessive… but for the two layers of fog, it’s more or less free after the first one. =D
WASD scrolling is definitely planned. Having to use the minimap really sucks.

Thanks for the suggestions =)