Starting a team (Music Composer, Developer, 3d designer, and writer needed)

Hello everyone, I have spent the past month and half creating a beautiful game engine, and I was done with the core engine a few days ago, It is 100% ready to be used to make a beautiful game and here are some of it’s features:-
-The engine makes use of openGL 3.0+, So no deprecated stuff.
-Dynamic lighting
-Specular mapping
-Depth mapping
-Normal mapping
-scripting (Using a custom scripting language written entirely by me)
-project loading (No need to code everything inside the engine, It can be used as a loader for a project made in an external editor)
-Also currently working on an editor for it(side project)

So I’m currently looking for people who can fill these roles:-
-I’m looking for a composer, Someone who can write me music for the game.
-I’m also looking for a 3D designer, Someone who can make me some objects that I can load into the game.
-A writer, Someone who can help us with the story.

As for payment: I do not have any money to pay right now. But we can discuss a share of game profits once the game is commercially available. So if you are ok with that and have faith in such a project, Then we can work something out!

Some requirements:-
-You must be at least 18 years old. (If you want to get a share of game profits).
-You must have skype and be able to get on it frequently.
-You must be able to work just much as I do on this, And I work a lot. (I know this is a lot to ask)
-You must be an honest person.


Please contact me if you’re interested.

Hopefully we can do something great together :slight_smile:

If you are looking to create a game, please don’t use your own custom engine. I suggest you go and use UE4 or Unity since they are free as off not too long ago.

Why would I not? It works just fine, Why would I use a third party engine that doesn’t suit my exact needs ?

You are looking for a 3D artist.

What kind of stuff can you import to the engine? (From files generated by main stream 3D art programs like Blender, 3DS stuff and so on)

It does import obj files

I believe .obj doesn’t support any form of animation.

No it doesn’t, And I don’t need it to, Because I have a different method of doing animations (instead of skeletal), So I don’t get why you’re so mad,
Why are you so mad buddy ?

Nobody is mad. People have asked you questions about your library, and have tried offering some advice.

If your reaction to that is to become defensive, then maybe you shouldn’t be forming a team quite yet.

What’s your method? This is genuine curiosity, not skepticism. The reason of which I didn’t implement skeletal animation is because I don’t know how to animate objects in blender… So it would be a waste of time implementing something that I wouldn’t use lol.

We need a demo, maybe some source code.
I don’t care if it can simulate 80k particles multi-threaded or some bull-hockey like that, just need an actual demo before claiming it’s ‘beautiful’.

Boo! Hiss! Hate!
Some of the 12 year olds on this forum can do everything you just listed.

You don’t need your own engine unless you’re rolling out something noone else has ever done, and implemented before. Just because you want user created content or something like that doesn’t mean you should reinvent the wheel. Unity can do pretty much everything for you, and do it correctly because it was designed to!

There’s an unimaginable amount of these topics here, if you really want to get into game development, learn to do everything yourself.

Whatever one might think about the initial request: Since when is it wrong to write an engine for a game one wants to make in Java and post about it in a forum called If everybody around here would follow your advise and use one of the U-engines instead, this place would be empty pretty soon…

Recommended reading:

@EgonOlsen The problem here is that no one seems to understand what I said, My engine is already built, It is pretty generic, It is not in the build phase, It is DONE, I even used it to make a few test levels. Putting all that aside, It is not my first game that I made, I made others, I’m experienced in the field, But there is no reason for me to use Unreal Engine which takes 5% royalties (Even though they say it’s free) And same goes for unity. They’re not as flexible as I want them to be and my engine is good enough for my game idea…

I don’t think that’s the problem.

The problem is that most of us have been around for a while, and we’ve seen this type of post- hundreds or thousands of times. Do a forum search of “framework” or “team” to see a glimpse of what I’m talking about. You’ll see that most of these posts don’t go anywhere.

The reason for that is a common pitfall that plenty of novice (and not-so-novice) developers fall into: underestimating the scale of something and biting off more than they should be chewing.

We aren’t trying to discourage you, or insult you, or come off as “mad”. We’re simply saying that the 1000 other times we’ve seen this post, it didn’t go very far, so you might want to try differentiating yourself from those other 1000. You do that by posting demos, or linking to your source, or somehow showing that you can “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”.

Because so far, all you’ve done is say that you have a framework that only took a few weeks to create, demanded a specific workflow and prerequisites from this imaginary team, then become defensive after somebody asked you questions about it.

Leading a team is not easy. What are your qualifications? What would somebody gain from working for you, for free? You’ve demanded that your “applicants” already agree to certain behaviors: what are you offering in return?

And again, this is not to discourage you. I don’t think Unreal or Unity are definitely the way to go, but there are plenty of other options that you should have checked out before diving into your own framework. Have you used libGDX? What about it didn’t fulfill your needs? Why should somebody learn your framework which is used by exactly one person so far, instead of learning a framework that’s used by thousands of people?

You can choose to be offended and defensive, but I’m just trying to explain to you why people aren’t clambering to work for you for free, like you might have hoped would happen. And keep in mind that if you can’t take criticism from one stranger on the internet, just imagine how much more difficult leading a whole team would be.

I think that the main reason of “hate” is not because of your engine. But your initial post itself.
This post has already been posted hundreds of times here and other gaming forums.
I don’t think you will find any writers, 3d designers or composers here, since this forum has mostly a programmer audience.
And most important - you won’t find people to work for you, for free, in your dream game. People barely have the motivation to work on their own dream games, let alone on other peoples’ dreams.
I’m not trying to bash your engine or your coding skills (I don’t see the point either of trollwarrior’s suggestion on a java programing forum), but the truth is that nobody is interested in my super engine - neither in yours.

If I was super optimistic I would tell you to put up a demo to showcase it to potential team members, but since I’m not optimistic, I’d also skip that and just use placeholders to your music/3d objects/story.

If anybody is interested in your (or my) project, that should raise a flag. This person is either lazy and will give up on the first drawback he finds, or will vanish claiming “personal issues”. Or it’s a crazy person, that you don’t want on your team anyway.

Long story short: either do it all yourself or pay people to do it. OR be extremely lucky and find a reliable, competent, and motivated person.

edit: or what KevinWorkman said. lol

Thats the only part I would have to defend here.
I wouldn’t personally work with someone who isn’t at least 19 years old.
And also he says: if you want share of game profits. Thats law. Gotta be 18.

Also it comes across quite bad when you come in and state you want:

Music guy, a coding guy, a designer and a writer.

You basically just said, “hey guys, I have this project I started, come finish it for me”. Although this is not what you intended, its interpreted this way by many.

But yeah, these types of posts have been beaten to death :(.

Agreed. Personally I have always had issues with < 18 year olds, it’s usually bad work ethic or random disappearances. This ruins it for the ones that do want to work hard, but heh, aw well. Life sucks, deal with it.

[quote]Agreed. Personally I have always had issues with < 18 year olds, it’s usually bad work ethic or random disappearances. This ruins it for the ones that do want to work hard, but heh, aw well. Life sucks, deal with it.
Agreed, but this unfortunately has led to a perpetual decline in teen work ethic. Those who do have good work ethic have trouble finding work, which makes them lose their work ethic and continues the downward spiral into the generalization of all teenagers having bad work ethic.