the world’s first Square Ball.

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Best graphics I have seen for a platformer on this forum. Keep up the good work! Seriously, you could greenlight this on steam!

Wow i’m kinda crying right now although i’m not. Just getting that feeling that I want to cry :smiley: Thank you very much. I will be bringing a lot of content into this game since I’m finished with school.

Yeah. If I may, here is some ideas fir the game.
Make space the jump button, and get rid of the k key. It was out of pure luck that I found it. Just make the k key into the space bar, and the jump key also in the space bar.
New blocks. Also, like he jump block, make special abilities to some blocks. Like one may make you jump higher, or something…
Overall, good game. It just needs to have more… stuff.

Wow, yeah this really has a lot of potential, dude.

The graphics are nice, clean and simple, plus the controls are smooth and tight. I also love the squish-and-stretch effect on the character when it moves.

I also like how the purple parts of the walls make you slow down and that you can jump off them. I sense some Super Meat Boy influence by the way :wink:

I enjoyed what I’ve played of it. Really good work and I look forward to see how this progresses.

Question though: Why is the view so small? Is that a design choice to make the game feel more “claustrophobic” than it would typically be?

EDIT: btw, I’m sure you already know this, but sometimes the main character overlaps through the walls/platforms :slight_smile:

WOW! 9/10. Great Graphics, Some Super-Meat-Boy stuff in there, great game.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s an option to do this, but are you able to turn off the rotation/shaky camera stuff? Giving me a bit of motion sickness.

Either way, great job, can’t wait to see more! :smiley:

Yeap, Meat Boy lol.

View is small because of small res. I have kinda made res system, but it doesn’t yet work properly. Once I use max res full screen the game runs a lot slower(60 fps is still there though) and you can see a lot more of the map.

You can already turn of map rotation.

Main character overlaps with most left wall and most top wall because of this: integers from -31 to 31 / 32 give me 0. Will fix this some time.

It really seemed that it was your intention to make it so confusing.
Well, its giving your game something unique and you should keep it.

What confusion are you talking about? o-o You mean like limited light?

Yeah, the limited light, the swinging view and the resizing avatar.

Hmm… Are you using libgdx?


Awesome! I’m really looking forward to updates!

Wow, really fun game! Took a while to beat the second level, but it was a blast doing so! :smiley:

One thing I noticed while playing is that with the “k” key to jump off purple walls, you effectively make two jump keys and it gets confusing at times. I would eliminate the “k” key altogether (except for selecting menus and the like) and instead have the “w” key both jump from the floor and jump off of purple walls. Just some food for thought. :wink:

Looked into your .jar and found some more level files. Why arent they included?
Oh, and theres a little bug when colliding with the levels left border.

Levels are not included because they suck. I haven’t worked on levels yet. I’m nearly done though. My finished game should have 50+ levels(I hope). I finished making my level editor I think.
As for controls, I will just make options to set them however you want. You will be able fully customize your controls.(I will make “advanced” controls to set any action on any key maybe)

This game seems to be an improvement to your former platformer right?

If you’re talking to my project “Unnamed” or something, then yes. It is the same shit. Just later version :slight_smile:

You should look into using bump maps. I can imagine it would look very good with this lighting thing you’ve got going on.

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