Snipping Tool++ (An advanced screenshot/text uploading tool)

Snipping Tool++ is an application meant to replace the windows snipping tool. With this application
you can quickly take a snippet screenshot or a full screenshot and upload it to and have
a link ready to be pasted within a matter of seconds. You can also save screenshots/snippets locally
to your computer. What is more, you can upload any text copied to your clipboard directly to pastebin.

This is a very useful program for anyone who takes a lot of screenshots and sends them to friends
over chats or posts them onto forums.

The app itself sits in your task tray out of the way and is accessible through hotkeys or by
right clicking the icon itself.

These pictures were taken in seconds with this tool!

Multi-Snippet Capture (draw boxes around everything you want combined together)

The combined image


  • Upload Snippet: Ctrl+Shift+1
  • Upload Screen: Ctrl+Shift+2
  • Save Snippet: Ctrl+Shift+3
  • Save Screen: Ctrl+Shift+4
  • Exit Overlay: Right Click (This can also be done while dragging a bounding box if you wish to cancel)
  • Upload Clipboard: Alt+Shift+1

Download (My Website)

Feedback/Suggestions are much appreciated.

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Thank you! Im glad you like it. I just noticed that i uploaded the wrong version also :stuck_out_tongue:

So if your version does not have an options menu when you right click it, then please re-download it lol

Lol well im glad you like it. and oh yea, i should probably mention imgur only allows about 100 uploads every 24 hrs per IP.


If you downloaded Build: 2.8a then please re-download. 2.8a has a bug and is missing the options menu. All this is fixed in the current 2.8 version.

sorry to hijack this thread, but can you remove your own post now?

Nope, can’t find a delete button. Where should it be?

Next to modify.

Perfect use for the snipping tool :smiley:

took me less than 4 seconds:))

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I had to call upon the database and do magic.

So, does anyone else have a feedback about the app? Suggestions?

This is an amazing tool - thank you! :slight_smile:

Any chance of adding custom key bindings to this?


Possibly in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

This is awesome O_O how are you grabbing the whole screen like this?
Ahah, never mind ;D I found out how. Awesome app by the way :slight_smile: I can see it being very useful.

Mediafire page says the file is private :confused:

Also, by the looks of it, this reminds me of Gyazo, which I use all the time! :slight_smile:

yea sorry about that, i was in the middle of updating it.

Check the link now :slight_smile:

I didnt think anything like it existed. I did a bunch of googling and could not find any other app like it. The
closest thing I knew of was “Hyperdesktop” which was another imgur tool except it had uploading issues
and seems to have been discontinued. Hence, I made this. :slight_smile:

[Build 2.9] UPDATE
Fixed a bug with saving snippets locally where it would save the entire screenshot instead.
Fixed a bug with the escape key not resetting the bounding box coordinates.