Risk design

Hello everyone, I’m here for an help/collaboration request.

I’ve not found so far a tutorial/example for a risk implementation with java and I want to do it (with java2d, swing, no game libraries), for aspiring game designers and developers.

I’m thinking on following sections:

  1. Introductions and motivations: small presentations
  2. Game setup: basic setup, project creation and so on, project architecture
  3. Display world map: display world map on screen, user interface
  4. User interaction: how user interact to user interface, display informations and so on
  5. Attack, move, cards: game specific actions
  6. Add more players: 2 to human players play in turn
  7. Random IA: first implementation for IA
  8. Better IA: better IA
  9. Multiplayer: LAN multiplayer
  10. Conclusions

In this tutorial what I’d like to see in particular is a decent project architecture (MVC for example) and some basic principles in actions: DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

What I’m looking for is feedback on this idea and also some contributions, for project architecture and organizations, IA implementation and so on.

Every code contributions will be under MIT license and I plan to build a small github project

For java2d and swing: If anyone wants to build a port of this example in libgdx, slick, unity2d or so on… for me is not a problem, java2d could be a “common basis” for anyone to understand and play a little bit with basic principles.

Who wants to help me ?

What is Risk?

Oh. Yeah sure I’m up for it.

How to communication?

I am assuming you are referring to the board game “Risk”. Is that correct? If so are there licensing issues?

Just a reminder, JavaFX is very powerful as well as easier to use than Swing, and well integrated with Java now (compared to the first attempt several years ago). You don’t mention that as a possible way to program the graphics, but I think it would be easier and cleaner than Swing. Worth taking a bit of time to consider this, especially since there seems to be more emphasis on supporting and developing JavaFX going forward than Swing, at this point.

I think we can use JGO forum, what do you think?

Yes, I mean Risk board game! About licensing issues, there is already another implementation in java here: http://domination.sourceforge.net/ they just call it domination, so there is no copyright issue, I think we can do the same, with a key point in mind: it’s a tutorial

I never used JavaFX before, could be a nice comparison between Swing and JavaFX, I mean, do two implementation of the same gui ? Or maybe waste or little time?

There certainly is a copyright issue with that game. It’s the reason not a single world-map (predefined or provided by the community) may have the exact same countries per continent as the original game.

Hmm you forget about Lux Delux (Java2D game, no less!) which has been around for years and years - the default map is identical to classic Risk.

Cas :slight_smile:

If world map of Risk is a problem, we can call it World Domination game, inspired by risk and change countries names and I think we are okay, no ?

Just make up countries and continents it doesn’t matter all that much.
JavaFx is nice. I can use it a little. It’s not terrible.

Okay, I have a travel for work in Germany today, I’ll be back saturday.

I think first issues to solve are:

  1. create github project
  2. create first issues
  3. code a little :smiley:

I’m back!
So we agree to use github for this tutorial ?

Hasbro don’t own the copyright for planet Earth’s political map…

You can do what the f**k you want.