RFLEX *Available on Steam*


This is my first game that enjoyed any amount of success. I hope you like it!

RFLEX is a fast-paced and challenging neo-arcade game. Frantically dodge your way to the high score in a series of rage-inducing levels while enjoying a kickass, original soundtrack. Experience trippy visuals while being pulled into a never-ending abyss of addicting, non-stop action.





  • Wes

Like how you have 6 medals already, but zero replies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, why isn’t this on greenlight yet?

It’s a great concept - similar simplicity and presentation to Super Hexagon, which did rather well.

Cas :slight_smile:

Yep. I want it to be a similar game to Super Hexagon. And I do plan to greenlight ;).


Lots of things about this game has changed since I last posted. I would explain them all, but it would take too long. Instead, I will give a demo for playtesting.

If you play the demo, please reply with the following information:

  • Best time?
  • How long it took to get that best time?
  • Did you like it or not; why?

Run the .bat file if you’re on windows, or the .sh file if you’re on mac or linux.


well … best is 25, but i just grabbed it. thanks for sharing!

i like it alot. graphics style, music, very smooth controls.

how about xbox controller support and anti aliasing ? i remember an older video you shared, showing this very awesome “time-slowdown” “tape-pause” sound effect on failure. i think that was much much better than the “explosion” hit sound you use now.


what i like most about this game is actually its difficulty.

Glad you like it. I put a lot of effort into the polishing.

The controller support may or may not come. I don’t have an Xbox controller to test at the moment, unfortunately :P.
It’s already antialiased. Would you like some kind of option for that?

I ported to libGDX earlier, and they don’t support the cool tape effect (decreasing / increasing the pitch of the music), since it works sketchily on android as far as I can tell.

Glad you like the difficulty; that was the goal :D.


i see. i never used libGDX so i cannot tell, but i guess - one could set the pitch of a sound, not sure if - after a sound started but still. if i understand you correctly you used some sort of library effect for that before. maybe it is not too hard to run an interpolation (as you do pretty good already on the motion part ;)) on the sound.

about the AA, no option needed really. i think it’s just the shader effect which brings in some jaggy edges but that’s really a minor. personally i would just enable per-sample-shading and let MSAA smooth out all the textures/shaders too.

might be a bit of overkill, but on a desktop machine there is alot of power to waste :slight_smile:

Best: 34.17
Average: 11.8
Attempts: 438
Playtime: 1h40m

I adore it! Reminds me a lot of Super hexagon.
One thing that I noted is that the new highscore screen is a bit distracting whilst playing.
I’ll probably come back for it every now and then :slight_smile:

I played it for a bit and generally love it! It’s really fun and a great concept, plus those shader effects are great. My only criticism is its pretty hard (at least in my opinion, maybe I just suck?), maybe just tone it down a little bit? It did keep me quite engaged though, I played for like an hour just trying to beat my high score :stuck_out_tongue:

if its too hard, take a look into the level files at reflex/assets/levels :wink:

More levels / musics. Same feedback as before. Please specify the level for each score.

EDIT: almost forgot, you have to go into your home folder and delete a file called .[username]_rflexscore if you have already tested the game.

Is it going to be more than a 3 by 3 grid?

The game controls like a joystick, so staying 3x3 is essential.

Hey guys.

This game is really close to going on greenlight. The trailer is done, the emails are written, the website is ready, and the greenlight page is ready to be published.

The only thing holding me back at this point is the greenlight demo. The demo needs to be as balanced and perfect as is possible. In order to balance this game as much as possible, I will be skype playtesting (no microphone nessecary). For those of you who are interested, my skype name is lawaferer, and I have an IRC channel set up at #rflextest@freenode.net for any other questions.

The demo download can be found on the channel.

Thanks for all the support so far,

Welcome to the big leagues. :wink:



That green ‘continue’ button is just as mind bogglingly satisfying as you’d expect. I just got back from camping to find RFLEX greenlit; I spent the night getting my Steam publishing account set up.

Just need to finish up the store page, then get steam API working.

Thanks for the green lights!


Recent playtesting has been very promising; people seem to like this! Steam integration is basically done, and is working with all my beta testers. The store page is pretty much ready to post, too. The game should be getting released really soon. I just need to get a few more extra things running.

Here’s a few let’s-plays. It feels so awesome watching these; they are REAL LIFE people screaming in various languages about my game!





Thanks for all the support!


Great game, simple yet addictive! How did you get the Steam integration to work?

If you want to get more publicity make a port to Android! This would take off