Recruitment for Team Technic

Team Technic is a small indie game company. We are currently working on a game called “Technetium”. It is a voxel-based survival sandbox game. It is inspired by Minecraft. This won’t be just another Minecraft clone! It will also be moddable using a Lua API. We don’t currently have a website but we will be working on one soon.

Current members of Team Technic
Owner/Founder: Alex Miccolis
Main Coder: James Birtles AKA UnwrittenFun
We are currently in need of a few more coders that are experienced in LWJGL and OpenGL.

How to join
Fill out this form and private message it to me:

Years of Java experience:
What are you good at? Be honest:

How to contact us
My skype: Alex Miccolis
My email:

What you will earn by working for us
You will earn a share of all our profits, we will individually discuss what you will get based on your experience and dedication. This will apply once we make sure we have a steady flow of profit coming in so we can make sure that you will get your money. Hopefully this isn’t a problem.



Gender? Seriously?

Ditto age.

So, you can render some textures. Do you have anything else to show us? Maybe a prototype of some sort?

Do you have a webpage or portfolio that we can use assess this team?

“We don’t currently have a website but we will be working on one soon.”
Apparently not. They don’t seem like they don’t have a good infrastructure yet. At least for me.

Agreed. And I missed that last sentence.

Yeah, they’re pretty abundant here.
[sub]We really don’t need any other minecraft clones… Please.[/sub]

I’ll upload a video soon. Sorry for sounding like this is going to be a Minecraft clone, it’s not. It will just be voxel based.

Sounds like a Minecraft clone to me.

Here is the video:

Doesn’t look that impressive actually… What is this supposed to be?

Well, it is supposed to be the prototype of the rendering engine. We have also implemented layered textures so you can have two textures for one cube.

It’s a humble start, but much better than some of what some of the other “teams” that came in here had to show.

I think the problem here is your initial post is far too ambitious if you are trying to get someone to join your team. Keep in mind, most people on this forum have seen many similar projects crash and burn, and aren’t looking to be part of a dead end project.

I suggest you either start with something smaller, or if you wanna continue with your voxel engine, go for it. However you should make your initial post about the short term rather than the long. Lua APIs and making profit is far along your road if all you have is a small box rotating

I’ll try to make the make the initial post less ambitious. Also, the Lua API is almost done. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

You’ve got a long way to go. I’m looking forward to seeing this grow.

Is anyone interested? We really need more coders. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m desperate but in order to get more done and make this a real game, we need more people to help out with it.

More people will just slow things down. Communication is hard.

Unless of course you yourself are not up to the task.
In that case, more people would speed it up, but then again, they would be faster without you.

To be fair, many things have the name Technic which have existed for a lot longer than that.

E.g. LEGO Technic and also Technetium (their game) is an element:

Finally someone gets it! ;D
The reason I named it Technetium was because of the element. I thought it would make sense since I am going to try to implement the periodic table.

I was pretty sure that was the intentional reference.
You say it’s voxel-based and (said) that it involves chemistry, can we get any info on the general idea there? Will it incorporate something like a 3D version of the classic falling sand games for the chemical interactions, or is totally different?