Putty Shuffle

My last one for this year, I think :slight_smile:


(webstart if you prefer)

Drag the coloured blocks to slide them round the level. When two blocks of the same colour touch they will join and can then only be moved together. Move the coloured blocks to the matching coloured targets (dashed boxes) to complete the level.

All the details are on the page. You get a yellow box for completing the level and a green one for getting it done on target moves. The given targets are what I’ve (and others) have done them in - there may still be better solutions available (if you find one, please post a screenshot).

Still a work in progress (though all 16 levels are available now). Any bugs or issues reported much appreciated. No room left for new features, but I think I might try to write a bigger version after the contest.


Polished! Fun! Tricky!

The white blocks are eeevil, though. :wink:

Nice work Kev, not the best looking game so far but in my opinion probably the one with the most depth.

Nice work as usual. Much more understandable than the original Putty game

Oh, and I was able to get Level 5 in 12 moves (see attached screenshot)

Still cant get level 3 though :frowning:

Thanks Markus.

Cheers for that!. I was hoping for clean presentation with polish (i.e. sliding menus etc) rather than going for the effects crazy approach. Of course theres only so much you can do with putty blocks - I do miss the little faces though :slight_smile:

Thanks, and I totally agree. I’m hoping this one is playable and completeable by all - rather than the few that managed to get through putty puzzle :). I’ll update the target for level 5, thanks for that!

Aye, it was the first level I designed and strange that one with so little in it can be such a mind blower. It’s common though, everyone seems to have a bit of a trouble with that one.

If anyone is interested, #7 is my fave.


I just did level 11 in 23/29.
For the record, level 3’s the easiest one IMO so far.
Also there’s a rendering glitch. The a/b in the top-right goes off the edge when both a and b are two digits. Linux (Debian lenny), Java 1.6-u10-beta.

Edit: level 12 in 6/7.
Level 14 in 18/22.
Level 16 in 23/25 (after much despairing of doing it in less than 28)
And now that I’ve finally completed level 7 in 8/8 (just level 5 to do in par), I understand why you like it. You sick, twisted man! ;D
Final edit: done the lot in par, confirming 5 in 12/16. Good fun.
Okay, it wasn’t the final edit. Just to say that I’ve PM’d you my under-par solutions.

Thanks for all the hard work, updated the version to move the text slightly and add the updated targets (I just need to solve them now ;)).

Hope you had some fun playing!


Why not make a small script to brute force all levels to find the minimum number of moves needed? =)

This way, someone actually plays it :slight_smile:


If you feel lazy, check your PMs. Note that they include an improved version of level 11 (22/29).

[quote]Hope you had some fun playing!
What part of “You sick, twisted man!” don’t you understand? :wink:

Nice game (again!). Only managed to play about the first 8 or so so far. I beat the par on level 5 though – 10/12, see attachment.

There’s even another way to do level 5 in 10 moves:

Damn it :wink: Ok, I’ll update it again unless anyone can do it in less?


7 ;D

Nice game.

Heh! Ok, 7 it is.


Cool… Playability and adictiveness wise best game so far IMO. Managed first 9 levels (5 gave me most probs)… Cant figure out level 10… Will keep on trying!

Good stuff!!

congrats, very nice entry, so far its the 4k game i’ve spent the longest playing.

Phew. Level 10 was tricky. It was hard to just solve it, let alone in so few moves.

But I beat a few other records:
Level 11 in 16
Level 13 in 22
Level 16 in 12.

Really very good. Brain tired now.

Thanks for all the positive feedback!


Wow nice game :smiley: