Plants 4K Zombies

I present you my second entry for the competition this year!

Plants 4K Zombies

It is a demake of a very famous game whose name I won’t dare to mention to avoid copyright issues!

I must warn this version is HARD compared to the original game. I wanted to give more challenge since this is something I felt lacked in the original game. So be warned, your plants will be eaten, your lawnmowers will be used.

You can play it here:

Great game and very nice pixelwork!!!
I love pvz and that version is really cool.

What I would like to have:

  • a shovel to rebuild something (like in the original)
  • some points to compare with other guys … only “wave 5” doesn’t satisfy me
  • perhaps a little bit faster, at the moment it is very slow (imho)

I agree that points would help. Otherwise, one of the best 4k games I’ve seen so far!

Really great! so it’s endless. Pretty hard.

Awesome ;D I like the pixel art (amazed at how you fit all this in), and it’s quite fun to play. Good job!

Thank you all for the kind comments!

As per suggestions, just added :
-Shovel (remove a plant) with the right mouse button.

I won’t dare to change this anymore since it was a mess to balance things with current speed. And changing this now would mean rebalancing everything again.

Let me know what are your guys score!

The only thing that is annoying at the moment is the speed, it is really slow so after getting to 70 points I don’t want to try again as it will take forever to get to that point again.

Other than that, nice game :slight_smile:


Ok seriously, make the initial zombies take less damage! T______T

I’m amazed how you fit this into 4K though, really nice job!

Ah, just figured out what the sun flowers do, that made the game a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue: 170 points and then the frankenstein monsters just ran through everything…


Well I just assumed everybody in the world played the original game, so I didn’t give proper instructions :slight_smile: But I’ll be sure to write some instructions when I upload it to java4k site.

It’s really not that hard at the beginning… I already dropped a little the HP of the initial zombies.

To fit this is 4k, just a lot of magic, sprite reusing a lot of patience!

I did, 3 years ago :slight_smile:

I died pretty quickly, but was alot of fun.
Cool graphics aswell :slight_smile:

Wow! Really nice game play and graphics. It was a bit hard though - the zombies were almost unstoppable. :slight_smile:

I have heard a lot of good about the original game, but never played it. Your remake seems to be well done, however I regret there is no instruction in or out of the game. You should at least indicate the effect of each article one can buy. For example, what about the sunflower ? Does it just block zombies for a while, or does it damage them too ?

Sunflowers generate suns, which give you money when clicking on them.

Ergo, try to build them as often as possible without leaking :slight_smile:

And summon peashooter using the suns. If you never played before,

Peashooters = it’s shooter, damaging.
Potatoes = blocker, do nothing but buying time for you letting themselves got eaten
Chilies = wild card, kill all zombies in a row.
Sunflowers = money (suns) generator.

There’re lot more on the original game, starting from seaweeds, various mushrooms, to modified peashooter with Gatling gun on mouth :persecutioncomplex:

Wall-Nuts, not Potatoes.

Thanks for the tips ; I can’t wait to read the complete instructions and then fully appreciate your game.

But wait… What about the original game ? Does it come with some set of instructions, or does it belong to the player to understand what is happening ? In any case, you should stick to that in your final version of the instructions.

And about the sunflowers, it seems they also have a short blocking effect, actually the time it takes for zombies to destroy them. Maybe is it the same for every plant in the game ?

I’ll write some decent instructions when I upload it to java4k site.

In the original game it begins with some “tutorial” levels, teaching you the basics, and slowly introducing the different types of plants. For obvious reasons I cannot do that in my version.

Yes, all the plants have the same HP, except for the wallnut and tallnut, which are meant to be used as blockers (although in my version you’ll sometimes have to sacrifice some sunflowers to buy some time).

All in all, note that this version is fairly harder than the original. I always thought the original game was way too easy, so that’s why I wrote this one thinking about being challengin enough. I prefer you quit playing the game because you died too much, than you quit the game because you got bored because your plantation is unbeatable.
I might reduce the difficult in the final version if I see people are really striving to reach the stronger zombies.

Thank you all for your comments!

Alright, just uploaded it officially to java4k!

You can play it here:

I’ve written some decent instructions and have lowered the difficulty a little in the beginning.

Have fun!