Pixel Towers - Android / Desktop Game

Hey everyone,

We just released a new game on the Android Market. It’s a fun little retro stacking game with neat chiptune music and pixelart. The game was entirely created with libgdx (http://code.google.com/p/libgdx/). It also features an online global leaderboard supported by ScoreLoop.

The game is completely free (no ads, nothing). We have a donation version available if anyone wants to shout us some Cookies & Beer (we love cookies. and beer.)

Would love to hear what you guys think of the game! :slight_smile:

Desktop Version (no online highscores): Download

Standard Version (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.thegreystudios.pixeltowers)


Cookies & Beer Version (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.thegreystudios.pixeltowerscab)


Bach | The Grey Studios

Looks cool! I don’t have an android, but I’ll let my friend know about it and then give you his feedback. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Cute looking. Unsurprisingly I do rather like the pixelly graphics :slight_smile:

Cas :slight_smile:

Apk file?

This looks cool! too bad i dont own an android :’(

That’s why I need apk to test it using bluestacks.

Thanks heaps for the interest guys. I’ll get an executable jar up for everyone who doesn’t have an Android phone. It obviously won’t have any online integration, but the game’s the same… :slight_smile:

Meanwhile here’s a little gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET5NN3381R8


I love the pixels graphics.

very cute, I likes it

Are the black and white squares the rubble pile, after the tower collapses?

great game, I’ve just put a shortcut on my home screen ;D

looks and runs really nicely. Very polished too and IMO deserves a spot in the featured section.


p.s. any chance of a playable version for the desktop (or maybe applet) since it is using libgdx?

Really charming! Nice work!

I am admittedly a bit thick, but it actually took me a few goes to work out why the game was ending. I’d assumed you could drop the blocks to fill in gaps in lower levels (Tetris-style) and thought the game had ended because I’d run out of time or dropped a ‘poison’ block or something. I think maybe the ‘Game Over’ screen pops-up too quickly. You could perhaps delay it a second so that the player can register that the block they just dropped has smashed to pieces.

Other comments:

  • The ‘Back’ button does nothing during some of the menu screens (I can’t remember which; possibly the ‘Game Over’ screen).
  • The game insists on using internal storage. (Is this to support very old Android versions?) I had to uninstall it immediately to stop my phone grumbling about lack of storage.
  • The application asks for permission to use the phone’s identity. Is this for the ScoreLoop leaderboard? If I was the sort of person who payed attention to App permissions, this would worry me. :persecutioncomplex:


Wow, thank you. This is amazing! Working on a desktop/applet version. A few things I need iron out before release.

Thank you, white and black squares? Do you mean the particle effect when you drop a block?

Awesome :smiley:

Brilliant feedback!

  • I will add a delay to the Game Over screen, actually had that planned for release but somehow forgot about it.
  • Back button. Hmm, I’ll go through the menu’s again and make sure it’s used properly. Thanks!
  • Also the game is 2.1+ only anyway so I’ll enable app2sd in the next update. Again, something little I just forgot about
  • Yea unfortunately ScoreLoop uses the phone’s id for tracking. From what I can tell all major online leaderboards use this approach to track players. We don’t store or use any of that data though.

Thanks everyone for checking it out. Desktop version coming soon :slight_smile:


Just updated the first post with download details for the Desktop Version. So anyone can check it out now:Download

Please note that the desktop version is lacking online highscores at this stage. Looking around for a good way to implement something.

We also updated the Android version with App2sd and some other suggestions from this thread!


Finally, dekstop version! ;D

Video looks great - love the music/sfx!

Just played the desktop version! It’s great! (Also, my friend with the android phone has been playing it ever since I told him about it. It’s really addicting!)

Great game! You have done a really good job there :slight_smile:

Wow really fun game! Reminds of the similar arcade game you find in malls or Arcade Stores.