Hi everyone !

This is my first 3D game. I did everything from scratch (OpenGL API) and created a website to integrate the applet.
Here is the link: http://overbind.comoj.com/

You need to find your way to go from a level to another one.
You can use magnet boxes to attract or repulse yourself. The closer you are from those boxes, the stronger you’re going to be attracted or repulsed.
There is a total of 9 levels.

You can compete with other players in Challenge mode. You have to find the best path and minimize your time.



I hope you’ll have fun !

you misspelled “click” on the tutorial text when you first log in.

And I’m stuck at the second hurdle. Can’t seem to jump far enough to get across that space. And can’t seem to do anything else. Hah.

I got past the second hurtle once, but then I died at the 3rd and cant get over the second.

I think the second one should be a bit easier especially if its supposed to slowly get harder as you progress.

just a thought.

thats what I was trying to do but I cant seem to get it.

I ended up getting annoyed and quit… lol

might want to fix that, else it looks like it could be a really fun game, if I could
get past that part.

Also stuck at lava pit. Can’t click Restart because the mouse is grabbed! Neat game though, wish I could further.

Press Escape for it to release your cursor.

I just got to the third level.

Some sort of edge indication might be nice, because it’s difficult to gauge how close to the edge of a platform you are, which leads to your taking a dive instead of jumping. That might need to be a bit forgiving.

Clic => Click
And first level easier ;D

Reminds me of Portal…

Somewhat better help/indication of where you’re supposed to go would be helpful as well.

I can get to the Third level, and there I’m just sort of… Oh, I can see some orange, maybe I need to go there! Which sort of works alright, until I get to the green spiral stair-case thing and the only Orange is outside a window with seemingly nowhere to go from there. (All of the green gets too high at that point, nothing really visible out of the window, etc.)

Well actually, some work should be done to get this game clearer and better. But it 's my first 3D game, I did it from scratch (OpenGL API) and some part could have been developed a better way. That’s the reason why I’m not sure to go any further on it. Yet, I now have some good experience with OpenGL and I want to use it on my next project.

lava pit =/

This doesn’t help. When I click, the mouse is grabbed again and the respawn button is not pressed.

I tried again and got to level 3. The lava pit was not hard really, just don’t right click until you are close, as it says. But since I can’t respawn, I don’t want to start at the beginning. Maybe make R do it…

yeah, respawn closer to where you died. Maybe the last room (before the death)?

Ok, sorry for this button, I did not have any problem, but it seems it’s not really convenient.
Now you have to press “SPACE” to respawn at the beginning of the room. I hope you won’t have any problem now to respawn :stuck_out_tongue:

Much better. :slight_smile: So I got to the green staircase. I think I’m supposed to use the orange through the window, but no combination of attract or repel from any position got me anywhere. I found I could walk to the edge to avoid the green blocks above me at the top of the stairs, then jump, but that didn’t get me anywhere. 100% stuck.

I got past the staircase, then across to the other side… but if you got there the only thing you can do is drop through a hole in the ground and… nothing more to see here, is that the end of the level? ???

Really nice concept and game but I think its too hard. =)

Desktop version? so I can save up and play anytime.

I got there too (and it was nice that there were several ways to get there). Once you drop down the hole there is another floor right underneath where you came from. The timing to get in there is insane though so I stopped after having failed 4-5 times.

Nice game! :slight_smile:

Other than that, the game froze my computer for 2-3 minutes while loading in the beginning (not in between levels), no issue in the console log…