Opinion on the game style

Hey, for last week I have been working with an artist, but it is even harder than I though… The concepts he is sending to me makes me think to much on the ascetics of game. Before I was thinking about some graphics like for example in Banner Saga, but then he sent me a bit more realistic style, which I also enjoyed… So I am basically asking for personal opinions about the style to aid my decision :stuck_out_tongue: (upper left corner ones I believe is Banner Saga style gfx, while the rest is somewhat more realistic style)! Just opinions :)!

The game I am going to use those in can be checked here http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/inwar-kingdom-rebirth/38238/view.html (the demo link is taken down already, preparing for the next release).

I like the more realistic textures, however you need to be careful with the highlights on the helmet and stuff - highlights aren’t static when the thing moves. You could easily fix this and make your game look really neat by using normal mapping. With the right parameters you could have an awesome shiny look going on with that helmet.

Very nice.

Doing a lot of assets that match each other is much easier to do in a stylized way than with a realistic aproach. If you want to add a realistic touch, you could go the shader route like slyth2727 suggested. Take a look at Sprite Lamp for that matter: http://www.snakehillgames.com/spritelamp/

You should really go with whatever you prefer. It’s pretty hard for us to give you any meaningful feedback without seeing it in action, in a video or something.

But it’s your game. We’re all just going to have random opinions. What do you think?

Thank you very much guys for feedback, it was a really hard decision for me, since I really liked the both styles (generally if I do not like something I discard it immediately). I though about sticking to the one suggested here (which was also suggested the people I discussed this in person). But I definitely see the game in either of the styles, myself I like to play the strategy games which has realistic looks. What was bothering me the most about the realistic style is a possible player “scepticism” in case we fail to deliver respective experience (for example if there is a realistic model, which moves like a robot, you will notice it for sure… while in more cartoonist style a player will probably accept it as a part of game and asset style). I would like to experiment with a bit more realistic assets (thats is why we started to work on a tutorial level, which includes a small sub-sets of the assets). There were good suggestions on this threat about the lightning effects, which I really appreciate and will consider to be integrated into the project. Your opinions were really important, would like once again to thank everyone who participated :)!

I completly agree with that. Everyone has a different preference regarding graphics and you wont be able to satisfy everybody.
They are definitely not ugly though (imo) if you like them you should use them. :slight_smile: