Open-source multiplayer FPS in Java

I’m currently obsessed with Overwatch, and it got me thinking that, as far as I can find, there’s not a single open-source multiplayer FPS game in Java (if anyone knows of one, please let me know).

So my idea is to create one; it will be open source, and able to be used as the framework for anyone else who wants to make their own FPS in whatever mold, e.g. Overwatch, TF2, Unvanquished, a Doom remake, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (which I only heard about yesterday and seems to be taking over the world).

And then, once it’s created comes the hardest challenge: getting people to play it. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention it. My main reason for posting this is to check there isn’t already one out there.

Very difficult.
I think FPS/3D players want the best possible graphics and will always compare with AAA games.
Minecraft was the one and only exception.

You’re forgetting about Runescape. Over 200 million accounts created, which puts minecraft’s figures to shame.

Runescape is not a first person shooter.

You said 3D/FPS. Runescape is a 3D game. Minecraft isn’t a first person shooter either.

There was Jake.

Also, Runescape’s actual player counts were orders of magntitude smaller than claimed. Bots, y’see.

Cas :slight_smile:


I don’t want to be discouraging. I think everybody should program whatever they think sounds interesting. But you should keep in mind that these types of games take entire teams of professional programmers (and artists, and sound people, and designers, and…) years to complete.

Start simple. Start simpler than you think is interesting. Think on the scale of Pong. Work your way up from there. Good luck.

Give it a go, some people here have managed to make fps games in java all by themselves. A very polished one we’ve recently seen is first recon made by orange451:

I started simple and thought of the scale of Pong about 20 years ago. Writing a multiplayer FPS isn’t that hard, but making it look good is. But this project isn’t designed to compete with AAA games. There are loads of non-AAA multiplayer FPS out there that have carved a niche and have a good playerbase, and probably hundreds more going strong that none of us have even heard of. This project is just to have a go at creating another one, but open-source and in Java, that could well be a successful game in it’s own right, and/or provide all the groundwork for anyone else who wants to contribute or create their own multiplayer FPS.

That looks pretty good. There’s quite a lot of examples of FPS’s in Java (I’ve written a few myself, like ) but AFAICS none are open-source and network-multiplayer.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you already had the experience under your belt. A lot of novices post here with questions about how to make an MMORPG, so my post was more a response to that.

My guess is that there are a ton of moving pieces here that you’re underestimating, but I’ll wish you good luck.

JMonkeyEngine and libGDX both support 3D rendering. If you’re undertaking this project, it might be better to start with one of those instead of building everything from scratch.

Just though I’d post a link to the multiplayer FPS that I threatened to create at the start of this thread:

Hopefully someone will find it useful!

Jake seems like an odd name for a 3d game engine lol.