New feature: appreciation results in post medals

Hi folks,

I found some time to work on JGO again. I decided to improve on the ‘appreciation’ feature, and make it log which posts were appreciated, by which member(s) and when.

When you click ‘Appreciate’, which can be found next to ‘Quote’ above each post, the post will be awarded a medal. Hovering the medal will show who awarded the medal.

For an example of a post with some appreciations:,24006.msg200308.html

At the moment we have two medal images, which I kinda grabbed from google:

Please send me your own! (16*16px)

I’d like to hear your feedback!

  • Riven

Here are some:

Thats really cool Riven. With the additions you make, the forum still managers to look clean. I’m really impressed.

Is it over kill to set a custom medal icon in the profile settings?
So by default everyone uses the same medal icon, but you can also set your own personal 16*16 image as a replacement.

I thought about that and I like the idea. I am however not going to allow people to upload binary to the server (bad memories…). I’m probably going to upload a bunch of medals and you get to select which one you wish to use. I can probably take suggestions for new medals, for everybody(?) to pick. But first we’re going to see how it goes.

Appreciation 0. Ain’t it the truth.

Nice try… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have set myself a personal target to get 10 of these by the year 2020.
The order the medals were awarded doesn’t seem correct but am sure we will forgive you on this insignificant point. Good work again as ever Riven…

Good call, I forgot an ORDER BY … ::slight_smile:

I have no idea how I got 12 in a 2-3 months ???
I guess I enjoy helping people too much :wink:

EDIT: Oh hey look, I just got 2 :wink:

Yes. Stop helping people now, or else!

Oh noes!! Sorry sir, it’s in my genes :wink:

Riven, I have updated my reply with the scaled images. Scroll up a bit :slight_smile:

Oh, for some reason I can’t appreciate your first post there? Or anyone! Where’s me appreciation links gone!

Cas :slight_smile:

To the rihgt side of our “Quote” button .

edit : I’m just writing this quite obvious response because it took me a few days to localize the Appreciation button after it changed from the left side of the post (when the link was "Aprecciation++) to the top-right side .


I appreciate you pointing that out to me :wink:

Cas :slight_smile:

I would appreciate if someone told me what my medal count was. The link has disappeared for me.

If you promise not to award 6 medals to the very same post over a period of 5 days, you might get your privileges back…

I would have appreciated a warning. You mean for the three week old incident where you wrote this?

This post:

You kept giving medals to it, day after day. What was your point? You obviously didn’t agree with the contents of the post, so why this passive aggressive behavior?

Why would you need a warning, if you know you’re being a nuisance. This isn’t elementary school where you get the proverbial slap on the wrist when being naughty. You are supposed to think for yourself and consider the consequences of your behavior. If you decide to waste my time by having to ‘mod’ your actions of undermining the credibility of the medal/appreciation system, I won’t give you a warning, I will just take away your means to abuse the system.

Meanwhile I enjoy the fact that everybody else uses the appreciation feature the way it was intended. :slight_smile: