Need more challenges

I have been practicing quite a bit with 2d games, and I thought that I would be able to keep doing this for a while. But recently I’ve noticed that they were getting too simple and repetitive. I used to take a while to create 2d games, but I can now make them all within an hour or so. They are all about the same minus the names of the classes, so I’m here to ask some people for ideas for a bit more complicated 2d games and maybe a simple 3d game as I’ve been experimenting with those, but have never had any good game ideas. I am no professional or maybe not even moderate , but the fact is that I’m bored and a bit scared that without a new challenge I’ll stop and forget most of what I know.

Try to make a racing game around a course. i think that would be fun, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

As a 2d game? I can’t see how a racing game would be much different than a game of Pong except for more movement, but thanks for the suggestion!

Oh sorry, the racing game was a suggestion for 3d lol. For 2d, what about a 2 player fighting game? You would have to implement multiple body parts all working together, might be fun.

Hm… A fighting game would be cool. It feels like it would be pretty basic. Creating each limb and giving it certain indivisual animations. That way you can jump and punch without creating a whole new animation. These could be fun actually. Thanks.
Also if you are reading this I am still wanting ideas for a later date ;D

Maybe you could implement cool explosions/effects/camera stuff like in smash bros. lots of cool stuff going on in that while still a fighting game.

Well I’ve never played Smash Bro’s so I don’t know what you mean by camera, but the explosions are a give =). I was thinking more along the lines of Mortal Kombat type though.

The camera kind of zooms in and out depending on how far you hit the enemy off the screen. I love MK, it’s one of my all time favorites. I really liked breaking the boards/stone/ruby, etc. No idea why they got rid of that in the other installments.

This is great if you’ve never seen it:


You haven’t really told us about the games you’re already doing, so it’s a bit hard to tell you what the next step should be.

More generally, it’s a little hard to tell you what to do at all: it’s a little bit like an artist telling us that they’re bored of painting and asking what they should do next. Or a chef asking what they should make for dinner. We can tell you what we would do, but chances are that’s not really going to help you. Then again, I know that part of the fun of this forum is just chatting about programming, so I digress.

I’ll say this: think outside games. Instead of focusing on games, maybe spruce up the website your games are on (you have one of those, right?). Or look into data visualization, or something more artistic like creative coding. Or make an application, or a video or photo editor, or… the possibilities are endless.

You might also think about trying out different frameworks. If you’re an expert in Java2D, try libGDX. Or Processing. Or something else entirely.