Need ideas for a game like this

Hello guys,

First of all I want to thank you for answering all my questions. :slight_smile:
Right now I’m working on a low-poly survival game written using LibGDX. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s basically a large heightmap rendered with a post-processing shader which adds film-grain and depth of field.

But there’s a problem: I have no idea on how to continue that.
What could I add to turn this into an interesting and challenging game?
Any idea is welcome.

The screenshot immediately made me think of Horizon Zero Dawn, so maybe some sort of adventure/exploration game?

Hmm, probabily, but I’d like more the idea of a survival game. Oh, there’s also a day-night cycle.
Anyway, I’ll keep that in mind.

Yeah it was just an idea that came to mind. If you’re going to do a survival game however, I would suggest to not make it about zombies, because those games are way overplayed.

What about taking a few ideas from The Sentinel; that had a similar scenic view and simple premise.