More complex RPG Skilling system ideas

When talking about this is always start with the question, do you have the correct level to wear those cloths your wearing? This may seem strange to ask in the real world but in the virtual world it’s almost second nature to ask what level requirements certain items have, but why is this?

As far back as some games like RuneScape Classic, with this gear and skill system that requires a certain level to equip or preform a skill and this is silly. The reason game makers do this is to make content to work up to and it is a well developed system but game creators seem to worry more about the aesthetic nowadays then the actual game play and this is sad to hear.

So this is my concept…

I believe leveling in game is important, don’t get me wrong I like allot of people love getting a higher level then my friends and it shows your time spent in that skill.

Multiple Levels to a skill:
In games for example, you can’t classify your ability to use a sword under one title of “Attack Level” or “Sword Level” because there too general but if you have a universal level of “Sword skill” with the sub levels that has all the types of swords and combinations of swords and the xp shared would work like;

Sword skill : 0.3x
Weapon type Level(2h sword, dual wield, etc) : 1x

Reason being is if you continualy train 2H swords and then switch to a 1H sword then you will have some skill in the general ‘Sword Skill’s’, but you wont have any in the 1H skill so you will have to develop it.

Health would be based on how healthy your character is (Almost like sims), the factors that would be in play are;

  • If you die: - Health
  • If you eat properly: + Health
  • Logout in a Inn for the night: + Health

Based upon your experience cooking the dish and your overall level

Smiting works on a basis of quality, not only the quality of the item after it has been created but the quality of the material it was made from and how much time you spend forging it to make the metal as pure as possible. Upon smiting the item it will get a quality rating 0-1000 based upon the materials quality and the items physical quality.

But what do you guys think? Are you sick of overused leveling systems that make no logical sense and do you have any suggestions towards making a optimal game skill system.

You question raises a lot of points someone more vested than me could answer. However, I will add this: I think the skilling system for a game should match whatever intent you are going for. For example, I didn’t want players of my game feeling the need to grind away to ‘level up.’ The system I’m using is aging. Through quests, kills, etc the player will “age.” There are graphical clues for this and the player will see how much damage they are dealing out as the game goes on. You can use something at a younger age, but it will be less effective. Not sure yet if I will do non-combat skills.

When I have some more time on my hands, I’d love to think about this more. You have some good ideas. The skilling system fitting the game is simply my opinion.

Here are some thoughts on this topic (not mine, but I tend to agree with him), that might be interesting to you:

Yeah I agree some game’s suite that style of skilling system but it is like kicking a dead horse… it’s just so recycled

Thanks ill take a look at that!

On skills there are a number of routes. One is secondary skills, so for you’re example “sword” is a secondary skill that applies to all sword-like things. Or not quite the same of having skill synergies. B.S. example for using say a 1H sword:

skillLevel = skill1HSwordLevel;
skillLevel = max(skillLevel, max(K0clubSkill, K1)); // maybe really good at banging things
skillLevel = max(skillLevel, max(K2
somePokeySkill, K2)); // poke,poke
//etc, etc.
skillLevel = applyBuffs(skillLevel, …);

Extending this to NPCs could be kinda fun. Some skill level is below some novice level, so it attempts different things it knows how to ‘do’ before settling on whatever seems to be working out the best.

Regarding minimum levels, my plan in Vangard is to gamify mastering items. That is, even a weak character can attempt to master a powerful item, but failing the "mastering minigame’ has negative consequences. So you can control more powerful items by playing well, and not just by grinding up to level x.

Other items have effects that are capped by the creature’s career. For example, you can gain status by wearing fine clothes, but not if your profession happens to be Beggar - the fact you follow people around whining for a spare coin or crust overrules your bling.