The goal of Miners is to dig tunnels that lead the Miners to the gold, then back to the starting position again.
The miners are simple creatures:

  • Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.
  • When a miner hits gold, he will pick up a chunk of the gold, but only if he isn’t already carrying some gold.
  • If a miner carrying gold enters either starting platform, he will drop the gold there.
  • When a miner faces a steep cliff in front of him, there’s a 66% chance he will try to jump over it.
  • After a miner has hit a wall and changed direction, there’s a 66% he will jump back in the direction he came from.
  • A miner that falls more than 100 pixels will die.

Play now: http://www.mojang.com/notch/j4k2k6/miners4k/miners4k.jnlp

Great game! I’ll make sure to test it more soon, but for now, I have to study. Exam-thingy tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I like this - a lot. Gotta persuade the miners to leave when they’ve picked up some gold :slight_smile:


Instead of tech-madness like last year, I thought I’d focus on the gameplay this year.
Good thing, too, as the technology in Speed4k is insanely cool, and probably impossible to beat.

* darkprophet bows down to the king that is Markus Persson

It would be nice if there was some smoothing of the mouse’s actions. And sometimes the miners get stuck if you add sand on em directly.


Smoothing? How do you mean?

As for getting stuck… I came up with three ways to deal with dirt directly on a miner;

  1. Have the miner get stuck, like now
  2. Kill the miner
  3. Let him “float up” until he hits a tunnel

2 was waaay too annoying, and 3 led to a lot of cheating.

bah, copy cat :stuck_out_tongue:
nah - I am just speechless!! - great display of why gameplay is so important!
a tough one to beat!

gotta add this tho http://www.somniloquism.com/index.php?date=20051125 ;D

amazing just amazing that is the most addictive 4k game i’ve played!

just use a really hard spring between the position of the mouse and the actual point that affects the ground, that will stop people whos hand shake (like me) from gettin their lemmings stuck having to go over it and dig slightly to let em pass…

Man that game rocks…Shall we close the competition early? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… I guess it kinda is a bit too pixel-perfecty.

I’ve got 40 bytes to spend, so I’ll try to fix that. =D

Oh man this is awesome, I’ve run out of superlatives. Very fun and challenging; I almost made it past level 2.

Just, wow!


Awesome work. Or maybe I should say fearsome. Heh.

This is outstanding. Amazing! :smiley:

On level 3 i mined al the gold and had nowhere near 1000kg

Use the cursor keys… you can scroll waaaay down (as the text at the beginning says).

Are you sure? Did you scroll down? (arrow keys)

I just lost level 3 with 999 gold. :\ I spent too much time filling up old return paths.

You can scroll down?!
I love this game ;D

Great game play. Well Done. Would ne nice to have a way to reset the level when you realize there is no way you are going to make it.

OMG! it’s awesome! easy to play, addictive and pretty good graphics.

Seriously, it smells like victory. ;D