wow! That is one seriously addictive game!
good job!

The growing slime is hilarious :slight_smile:

Nice one. Man it’s going to be tough this year with Speed4K and Miner4K.

Amazing game!!!

Not that this game needs any more help, but since I’m not in the contest…

You know what this game could really use? Don’t know if you could fit it in 40 bytes, but its needs a “flood fill” feature for old paths. You close them off with a little bit of dirt, and in a single click you flood fill the whole thing.

The bar truly is much higher this time around.

There are some really great games in the contest and I’m almost ashamed to continue with my own entry :slight_smile:

You won’t pass this level!
Well, I did, and I want to know why there’s no 7th level. :’( You get a person to waste their Sunday afternoon mastering your game, and you don’t give them a 7th level after taunting them like that? ;D

I found that the proper tactic in this case was to attack the slime immediately, before going after any gold. If you sacrifice some miners early in the game, and use them to destroy an entire slime globule at once, that piece of slime will not grow back. This essentially lessens the amount of slime on the level, thereby slowing the advance of the slime, and giving yourself more time (and resultantly more space) in which to mine.

Hey, if you’ve got 800 miners, having 50 plunging to their deaths in a suicide mission to attain riches in a small price to pay. 8)

Speaking of slime, that was a cunning invention. Quite a nice touch, I must say. Bravo!

Haha, sorry!
The level note “You won’t pass this level!” is true, though. :wink:

wow, this game is pure gold !


would it make path construction easier if you used mouse press/release to define a line?

Just a suggestion, as making long straight tunnels is abit inconvenient atm - without a pen ofcourse :wink:

I’m going to try dropping the lowest bit of the mouse coordinates so you can only draw from/to even pixels… that might make it easier to avoid the worst jaggies

Markus, maybe this will sounfd familiar to you, but I have to say it - awesome! No time to write, i have to play some more!

haha, woo

Thanks for your kind comments, all. =D

;D ;D ;D

have just scrapped my to-be entry, too heavy for a newbie ;D

Of course that’s not the point, you should finish your game, or start another… :wink: It is clear the gameplay is at a much higher level this year though.

The more the merrier!

I’m have trouble getting past level 3, curse this game, I need to do other things >:( .

Yes, awesome! great idea and great game.

I did not win level two :(, but I will >:(!!!

This game remember to me Lemmings, maybe you could add creatures abilities, limited and applicable by clicking creatures? climber…


Hey, this game doesn’t work on my Mac at work. With a single-button mouse, normally you Crtl+Click to get the equivalent of a right mouse button, and there’s a way to check for that in Java. Are you not using the “KeyEvent.isPopupTrigger()” method to detect right-mouse button clicks? 'Course I’m assuming you’re using AWT/Swing, but maybe not.

ah… mac…

I’m done with that exam, I think I passed (yay), and now I have time for 4k.

Again: Great addition to this year’s contest, truly, and also loads of fun. You’ve changed your tactics, obviously, from high-tech to gameplay, and it works just as well. I’m as impressed with this one as I was with your games from last year, and I find myself wondering what you will come up with next. Good work!

it gets worse…

I just fired it up on my powerbook - with a USB 3 button mouse. It is unplayably slow. The levels time out well before it is possible to complete because everything is moving so slowly.

What image format are you using?