A cool little fan made video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZurInP7AvlE
The site where I’ll put it: http://www.minecraft.net/
The alpha tech demo: http://www.mojang.com/notch/minecraft/
The dev blog: http://notch.tumblr.com/

It doesn’t seem to like opera very much. I’m blaming either opera or lwjgl. :wink:

That was great fun nearly got addicted to that…Are you supposed to trap the dudes in a hole?

Server down, but from the blog videos I love this - what a great concept.
Can’t wait to try the real thing!

EDIT: server up - Loaded really cleanly but: Noooo! Too slow! 2fps on the surface (33fps in tunnels though!)
This is a rubbish machine - onboard graphics card - so I hope it’s that…

Awesome, as usual from you! :wink: How big is the world, how many tiles? Do you have quad/octrees or anything to help with the rendering?

In any case, keep up the good work – I’m looking forward to seeing the final game. :slight_smile:

This is great! :smiley:

Video looks very cool, I would try it myself If I had OpenGl drivers(waiting for them to be released for windows 7).
This could be made into something very fun. Kinda reminds me of liero/lemmings.
Keep it up!

This looks very cool, I’ll have to try it when I get off work.

Can you maybe post a blurb about the object of the game, and how it works?

Wow… Yeah. just played it and its very cool indeed. (smooth too, on old laptop)
When I fell from a height made me dizzy for a split second, very realistic… Well done! Will defo play play this when finished.

Astounding stuff, especially for a no goal “game”. Played it for hours. Love the water.

Mouse control didn’t work properly for me. Any mouse movement just moved the camera along a very odd spiral path that went from pointing straight up to straight down, pretty much impossible to steer. Could be because I am using synergy to control multiple computers with the same keyboard/mouse, but I have never had an issue before.

Hm… what was I supposed to be doing? I clicked a lot.

It’s dog slow on an overclocked EEEPC with Intel onboard crapset…between 2 and 3 fps…and i didn’t get what to do…i guess i have to read some docs or something… ;D

hehe, I wasn’t going to post until I say the above, “what I am I supposed to dos…”

I’m thinking it is basically like watching lemmings on the TV. It is somehow fascinating to see masses of mindless creatures suicide. There was also something entertaining about their frenetic energy.


There’s no actual gameplay yet. What you’re playing there is “creative mode” where you just build a world.
EgonOlsen: If you press “f” three times, you should get better FPS. I get 50 on my eee that way.

I’m very very impressed. Also, it runs smoothly at 300-700fps on my 4 year old machine (AMD Athlon 64 2.2ghz with 7600GT).

The water wasn’t there when I was playing it yesterday, unless I was being stupid. There was a blue sky all around the level, and if I mined through the bottom I would fall into oblivion. No water flowed around like in the video.

How small can you make the squares before performance generally gets too bad?

What major optomisations did you do, and are there any that you are planning? (I’m really interested in destructible terrain)

Ok, found the ‘f’ key trick (you could tie the render depth to fps & guarantee a minimum useable framerate).

First impressions: Love it. Looks good, plays nicely, fun to tunnel & fun to build things!

Few suggestions;
‘fly’ mode for construction - can be hard to add blocks just where you want, when you’re standing on the ground.
‘click & hold’ for tunnelling - clicking finger goes numb when digging long tunnels!
sloped tiles to smooth the landscape - but I guess you’d have done this already if it was that easy…
Water seems to get ‘stuck’ sometimes - maybe convert a newly destroyed block to water if it has adjacent water?

Niggles aside it’s pretty impressive! What do you have in mind for gameplay?

Hehe, I love the simplistic pixel-art style blocks. Pretty damn fun, my major suggestion would be to be able to build off of ledges instead of just from the the ground up, so you can make bridges easier >:D

Also about there being “no gameplay” I have to say, there is! haha, it’s quite fun to just build in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I hit 6… a weird… bush appears? :open_mouth:

Gameplay is going to be split up into several modes.

Build stuff. You can spawn blocks (any blocks) from thin air, and remove any block instantaneously.
No health, and you can’t die.
Play either single player or cooperatively.
(This is basically what the game is now)

You need to gather resources to be able to use them. There’s a simple inventory, and a health bar. Blocky critters roam the land and want to hurt you. Eating food replenishes health.
Play either single player or cooperatively.

Team survival:
Same as survival, except you’re divided into two teams who try to kill each other

You and your friends build a fortress in creative or survival mode, then face off against another team’s fortress. Gameplay will probably be capture the flag.

Sounds like a lot of fun, building a fortress would be great. I assume there’s going to be guns? 8)

What a challenge - a 3D destructible terrain networked game! Well you’re 2/3 of the way there. It would be very impressive to see it networked!

no guns. :smiley:
Melee and possibly bow and arrow.