Ludum Dare 31: "Entire Game on One Screen"

Ludum Dare 31 is in two weekends time!

For those who don’t know, Ludum Dare is a huge competition where you have 48 hours to make a game from scratch, solo. There is also a jam run along side that has more relaxed rules, goes 72 hours, and you can work in groups etc.

For more info, read the rules linked to below.

Theme voting starts next week.

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Rules & Guide
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(Yes, I copy-pasted most of this from a previous LD thread I made, which in turn was mostly copy-pasted from another previous LD thread.)

Who’s in?

Has the theme been chosen yet?

Nope. As clearly stated in the opening post, theme voting starts next week.

The slaughter is going on right now, but it doesn’t count for much. It’s just for getting rid of the awful themes (or things that aren’t even themes at all).

But if you want to click through random words for a few minutes, here’s a link for the lazy:

Just in time for finals week :emo:

Pick a better time LD officials! I shall wring thee neck if this happens during an important weekend one more time!

Not sure yet. I am planning, but need to see if I’m actually able to make some time :frowning:

I dont have time :confused:

Has everybody seen the UNICODE SNOWMAN theme from voting round 4?

Better start thinking of unicode snowman games just in case…

I’m IN for the Jam. Anybody interested in joining GoHarsha Games?? :point:

It’s a sad thing that “:snowman_with_snow:” is probably the best theme that we have a chance of getting.

I think there is a need for a new voting system.

I’m in for the compo, third time in a row :slight_smile:

It would be pretty cool if “Genetic” won. There could be some pretty interesting stuff. Hive mind too… get some boids running?
Golly I wish I could do it this time.

Final round of voting is up:

The theme is on this page, so better start brainstorming!

:snowman_with_snow: must be the highest rated LD theme in a long time.

If it wins I will be happy. I’m getting sick of all the awful themes.

Bad games will be made no matter what the theme is. People seem to focus too much on “If theme is X all games will be Y”. What you should instead consider when voting for themes is how much potential there is for the unexpected. The less ideas you come up with instantly for a theme, the better.

It’s winking at me I swear. :snowman_with_snow:

Snowmen aside, I’m in. Gonna probably use Mercury this time.

  • Jev

@SHC – I sent you a PM. Am interested.

The theme is “Entire Game on One Screen”.

Has to be one of the most pathetic themes ever to feature in a Ludum Dare.

Wow, what a lousy theme. I was really hoping :snowman_with_snow: would win, but w/e. I can’t participate anyways because of homework and such… hopefully I’ll be free in April and the theme will be better.

Wtf are you even supposed to do with that? Gosh you have to wonder how that got picked.

you guys must be too young to remember a time when pretty much every game was only on one screen :wink: