Ludum Dare 30 (Connected Worlds)

Ludum Dare 30 is next weekend.

For those who don’t know, Ludum Dare is a huge competition where you have 48 hours to make a game solo. There is also a jam run along side that has more relaxed rules, goes 72 hours, and you can work in groups etc.

For more info, read the rules linked to below.

Theme voting starts next week.

Competition Site
Rules & Guide
Previous Competitions

Good Luck.

(Yes, I copy-pasted most of this from a previous LD thread I made)

My father’s big birthday party is on that weekend. This is what I was talking about when I said LD timings are never good for me. Meh.
I’ll still try to participate (even though more than half of my saturday will be “lost”), I’ll just make sure to set my goals to be realistic and actually finish something this time around. :wink:

Nice. I’m probably in.

I’ve been completely rewriting my little hosting/tutorial website, with the plan of unveiling the overhaul a week from today. I thought Ludum Dare was 2 weeks away. Not sure if that’s good timing or bad timing!

I’m hoping to do a little platformer with libGDX and Box2D. Hopefully that’s the start to some kind of reusable framework that I can build on in subsequent game jams.

I’m in! First time.

Gonna do the jam with a class mate of mine.
Prolly using slick2d ;D

Good luck everyone who is watching/participating!

It’s on the weekend before school starts for me, so my dev time on Sunday will be cut down. :frowning:

I’ll probably do it if I have the time :slight_smile:

I’m not, wanting to do, but unable, had exam on 23rd and 25th. I’ll be participating in the next compo, in December.

School tomorrow. Luckily, Ludum Dare is on Friday.

I’ll be in (hopefully). I just realized that I haven’t completed a Ludum Dare since LD #23! :o

i may join. would be a great test for my homebrewed game engine thats finally maturing…

I’ll probably enter too, my first one(the previous LD) seemed to go fairly well.

Unfortunately I will not be able to participate :frowning:

I think I may join, it seems pretty daunting :stuck_out_tongue:

Theme voting is open.

Vote up the ones you like and downvote to oblivion the ones that are horrible (looking at you, “Break the Rules”).

I consider to join in, especially if it’s going to rain the whole weekend. My first LD, can’t wait. ;D

I may go. Hopefully I won’t fall victim to ‘feature-adding-syndrome’ yet again :persecutioncomplex:.

My moms’ birthday is around that time as well

School just started and all them AP classes are piling on a lot of homework. Like, a lot.
Next time maybe…

The first LD warmup that I’ve ever completed. Get it while it’s hot (Parallel Worlds flavor!)

Before any questions are asked: Yes, you are a carrot… Potato related items are for the actual LD. :wink:

Now, a quick storyline!

  • You are a carrot whose soul has been divided across universes.
  • You must unite with your other half so that you may fulfill your destiny!

Game Includes:

  • Graphics!
  • Bugs (6 Hours of work)!
  • 4 Feature Filled Levels!

Edit: Here’s the Ludum Dare link if you’re interested:


The game is amazing :smiley: