Leveling up and balance

I am testing my combat system in Vangard versus leveling up.

Assuming a fighter devotes all advancement points to certain fighting-related attributes and skills, this is the percentage of fights they win at different levels against a level-zero average opponent:

Level 0 v Level 0: 45% wins (10% of the time they both die)
Level 1 v Level 0: 60% wins
Level 2 v Level 0: 80% wins
Level 3 v Level 0: 89% wins
Level 4 v Level 0: 96% wins
Level 5 v Level 0: 98% wins

I’m wondering if the contest is too non-random, or maybe it is too random…

A couple of levels difference leads to an overwhelming advantage. Is a 60/40 split too much for a one level gap, given that levels can go up to 30 or more? And given that most humans are likely to range between levels 0 and 10.

On the other hand, as a player I do not pick tricky fights, I only get into fights where I know I am going to come out on top. As a level 3 warrior fighting a level 0 civilian, would I accept a risk of 10%, or would that be too high in practice? It means if I picked four “safe” fights I would have a one in three chance of ending up dead.

There is insta-death? I mean “one hit one kill” ?

Because for player at level 5 vs level 0 opponent insta-death is a good thing. On reverse, as player be insta-killed is a really bad bad thing: player must always have a choice :smiley: (IHMO)

I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad bad thing. It depends. On Final Fantasy/Dark Souls type of games if you wander to an area where there are high level monster they will surely one-hit kill you and this isn’t bad thing at all. It just tells you to pick a different route with lower level monsters (or grind).

Do you use health points?
If yes: I would use a baseline damage that grows with the rank and add critical hit damage (randomly chosen from an interval from 0 to maxCDMGAtLevelX) to that.

Damage is based on strength and skill, which can go up with experience. Hit points and stamina are based on various mixes of strength, constitution and willpower, which also go up with experience. Characters can also boost hit points and stamina with certain skills.

Combat includes skills for attack, defence, speed, dodging, dirty fighting, riposte etc.

I’d vote that it’s too non-random…

I kinda like the idea that a Level 0 has a chance of taking down a Level 5.