judging / results TBA

thanks for a great contest everyone.

we will begin judging very soon, and we will post the results within the next few weeks.

we have 65 games to judge this year. the biggest 4K yet! :slight_smile:

can we also have a public vote winner? i am thinking maybe a “rate this game” button for each of the submissions?

i.e. a simple 1-5 rating and maybe an optional text box to get some interesting replies to help make better games for next year?

I found reading the replies of the judges quite informative about the aspects which affect a game’s position in the competition.

Having more replies would be even better!

Edit: I also find it odd that i cannot find the link to the results of 2006 or 2005 on the site… i had to go to wikipedia to find them.

i am in the process of implementing an approval-voting style public vote :slight_smile:

thanks for bringing this up, though

Yay, approval voting! :>
I think this is turning out nicely - we’re seeing a great number of good games this year, good work everyone! No clear winners this time, though. I guess I blame Markus and kev (they both made great games for this year’s j4k, of course, but as I understand it neither had the time to do a new miners or t4xi) :wink: Gives us mortals a chance though :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal favorites for the winner? Well, TankZone, Goop, aichess4k all ought to make the top 5 (in no particular order), at least. Then there’s 4k V-ball, Metro4k, Pipe Extreme, etc, etc… it’ll be most interesting, I think. :slight_smile:

In fact, there are so many high-quality games it’s almost impossible to decide which ones I like more. That’s always a good sign :>

Wow… so many games have been submitted in the last couple of weeks that I really haven’t had time to look at them all. I feel sorry for the judges :slight_smile: 65 games? wow.

I think earlier submitted games will have a bit of a advantage, since judges and others will most likely have more experience with them.

I actually have no favorite game, all games are just fine… I don’t have my hopes up on my own games, I’ll be happy if I don’t land in the bottom 5 :slight_smile:

I wish I had more time…

This year I have been very busy, my game programming time got near to 0 during the contest, other years I had 7 or more prototypes (resulting in 2 to 3 games submitted), this year I only had 3.


PD: Will this be the year of the LWJGL16K ??

You should be able to vote for like your favorite 5-10 games, instead of just choosing 1 game.

So what’s the deal with judging then Woogles?

Cas :slight_smile:

well, first I have to archive all of the entries onto my server (so PLEASE keep your links alive everyone)

then I will be contacting the judges that CaptainJester has rounded up to start the process.

Oh boy, time for the little known, but always fun, annual 4k ‘how should judging be conducted’ flame war! Woohoo! Similar to the annual ‘pack200’ flame war but flamier!

I think there should be a rule that the screen shots on the games list must be actual screenshots from the games. The picture of the dog is very… not in the spirit. I mean really, you see that and your like, WTF? I thought this was a games contest!

Lots of games, however I don’t believe the qaulity is as high as in years past: only one Kev Glass game, only one Rick game and NOT a Markus Perrson game to found. :’(

Oh, just wait until the post-judging flamewar. :slight_smile:

I agree with this one- I think that, if nothing else, using an actual game screenshot as your image should be strongly encouraged.

Look at it this way: That means us mere mortals have a chance at winning. :slight_smile:

  • HC

i don’t see a problem with screenshots that are not taken in-game. just look at Will’s game back in the day: http://javaunlimited.net/games/view.php?id=48

i’m never going to disallow it, because next year you’ll be able to post multiple/large screenshots anyway, which will give you freedom to create a “title screen” of sorts.

There actually was a Markus game, l4krits. Seems he never submitted it officially though :confused:

Yeah, I officially wanted the “mortals” to have a chance. :wink:
(actually, the game just sucked)

Six months of wurm online for the winner! ;D

I doubt anyone taking part in this competition was doing it for the prize :slight_smile: But still fun.

We should advertise this competition as much as we can. I’ve showed this to few of my co-workers and they were very interested in this. More interest = more companies want to give some prize awards = bigger competitions = more programmers = cooler games

Hey, don’ t diss wurm ;D. But yeah, you are right, doubt ppls motivation to enter is the chance of winning prices. Part of the charm with this compo is the very friendly atmosphere. Bigger prizes could be a double edged sword… More contributions are always nice though.

Yes, definitely. I couldn’t participate this year (it would be my first time at 4k), for many reasons, but I’m looking forward to the next year. A big sponsor helps a lot, but not because of the prizes it could give, but the notoriety… developers would come to the contest simply because it is sponsored by X or Y company, and the benefits of that were mentioned on the previous post already.

My only suggestion would be to restrict, every once in a while, the contest theme; Today you can write any game you want, but in some random years it could be required a certain genre or another extra requirement other than the 4K-size jar. Just to change it a bit and keep it interesting (not that it isn’t nowadays, but I hope you get my point).


I wouldn’t bother doing a themed 4K contest, because thinking of a good 4K game idea is hard enough already! :slight_smile:

I do, however, randomly run themed contests when I’m bored:


Oh yeah, and I had a good time playing those entries ;D

Apart from themes, maybe these ‘restrictions’ could be technology related; I heard one of the submissions of this year’s contest uses skeletal animation; I’ve seen people playing with ray tracing… I understand the impact of such restrictions on the broad concept of the contest, but since we have one year between one 4k and another, we could have these little restrictions in-between contests to produce code that provides lots of insight on ‘real’ (aka larger) projects, and fun while we do it :wink:

Three words:

LWJGL 16k Contest

nuff said.