JavaFX coding challenge ($$$)

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a JavaFX Coding Challenge, with prizes and stuff:

Even if you don’t like the technology that much yet it may worth investing some time in getting more familiar with it, especially with such incentive ;D


I did want to try out JavaFx, maybe I’ll enter if I get the time…

All entries must be submitted as a Netbeans project containing the JavaFX 1.1 application.

Forcing the use of a particular IDE… I wonder if there is a good reason for this?

So games are fine?
I never have used Netbeans is eclipse possible?

wow that’s a lot money

I wonder what that sandbox restriction for IDE and country is about…
What if I came from Croatia or Afghanistan?
(Maybe IBM will allow Eclipse for this contest when they buy SUN :persecutioncomplex:)

I assume this is a kind of mixed marketing strategy, so eclipse won’t get in. If you don’t mind the possible corporate political motivation behind this, it’s not a big deal. Install Netbeans, change the keymap to Eclipse compatibility and start coding. Shouln’t feel much different for this kind of project.

Yeah I guessed as much, I had downloaded Netbeans just incase.
Last time I tried Netbeans I didn’t like it as much, but that’s been a while now…

[quote]I wonder what that sandbox restriction for IDE and country is about…
What if I came from Croatia or Afghanistan?
Hmm would it be a problem if I’m from Genovia? ::slight_smile:

Hmm, being from a fictional country might mean being fictional yourself, so this might be a problem :wink:

Sucks if you live on the Isle of Man :’(

The Isle of Man has a great flag!!! Other than that, since it is “owned” by the queen, even if not part of united kingdom, I would assume that it would be legal to participate. Just ask.

I think the NB stuff could be because of the (relative) immaturity of JavaFX plugin for Eclipse. Even NB’s JavaFX plugin has lots of issues. (well, that and the desire to expand NB’s users base :slight_smile: )

As for the restriction on countries - it’s nothing new, some countries’ laws prohibit these kinds of contests. It’s not that Sun likes some countries more than others.

And yes, games are fine.


so, you ever made holidays in the UK?

Not sure what you mean, but I meant it from the perspective of these kinds of “challenges”.


Forcing the use of particular OSes too. I’m surprised you can’t use Solaris.

I think bienator was joking about the weather.

That’s because JavaFX SDK and runtime aren’t yet available on Solaris or Linux. (both are coming)


Hopefully we aren’t judged negatively for the 3 dialog prompts, or, you know… for using JavaFX

But all jokes aside, the main thing stopping me from participating is the NetBeans requirement…

Why? Even I use Eclipse from time to time and I am still alive an my fingers aren’t bleeding, so I would bet even Eclipse users won’t die from using Netbeans once in their life.

Develop it in Eclipse, then at the end, import it into NetBeans and submit it :wink:

Cas :slight_smile:

you all have a good chance of winning! yes that’s correct i’m not aloud to enter bbooo
netbeans is great come on where talking $25 bigunz…

if anyone needs code related mumbles then ping here on the forum and i’ll go kick people :slight_smile:
a cool one is to put the height and width into the scene and not the stage (this makes your layout work without little hacks to do with title bars):

var myscene : Scene = Scene {
     width: 600
     height: 300
     content: ...

// then add it to the Stage

var mystage : Stage = Stage {
     scene: myscene

oh hint: the more visual it is the better in my book, so games or just nutty stuff is top draw stuff.
good luck! lets do it… has to be a jgo member that wins surely?