if you are not a programmer, what would you be ?

for me, i’d choose to be an artist ::slight_smile:
i used to draw a lot when i was kid but unfortunately not anymore …
sooo ??
if you are not a software engineer, a game developer, a web designer, or anything into computer science,
what do you want to be ??

Architect and/or pilot.

Grease monkey :slight_smile:
A.K.A: Mechanic

Game commentator, because it would be fun to play games for a living :slight_smile:

nuclear physicist

I just wanted to answer “web designer”.

Shop Owner or Mathematician

Electrical engineer or Air Force pilot.


I’d probably go onto be an engineer like my father :slight_smile:

Dead :wink:

Actually, I’d probably try to become an Architect.

the last few years I discovered I might have missed my true calling; When I’m not a developer I’m a cook. There is nothing more satisfying than being creative in the kitchen, because the reward for doing it well is that you get to eat it afterwards and/or see other people enjoy it!

How often do you really use or play the stuff you develop yourself I wonder (dev tools being a notable exception)? Hardly ever right?

probably a struggling musician :-/

I play my own games for hundreds of hours! Perhaps that’s why I’m so utterly sick of the sight of them and don’t play any other games any more :slight_smile:

I’d be an author I think if I were not a programmer.

Cas :slight_smile:

I have no idea since I never thought about what job I’ll apply for. I don’t even know what jobs are all out there because I never thought about it a single second.
Actually I’m not even a programmer because I don’t work yet. But I cannot really imagine anything else at all… except Lotto winner. Yeah I guess that’d be ok.

I’m not a programmer so…

Exactly the same for me :slight_smile: Since I’ve been working on Daedalus, I don’t play any other game … and I play Daedalus A LOT! As I don’t have an army of testers I think I don’t have any choice to find bugs and improve the gameplay anyway :slight_smile:

Otherwise I think I’d be musician or graphic artist :slight_smile:

System Administrator

Let me rephrase: play to ENJOY it. Testing can hardly be called playing - its damned hard work!


Billionaire Playboy.