[Idea] Would anyone be interested in a Pure Java game jam?

I had an idea for a game jam, where instead of using LWJGL, LibGDX, or whatever, you try to write a game in pure java. That means Swing, AWT, etc. There would be no size limit (just don’t make it MASSIVE), and it wouldn’t start until after LD this weekend. Would anyone be interested?

Official Time: September 19-26

I would possibly be interested pending further details. Also, will JavaFX would be allowed? Seeing as it is included with Java 8, it might count as “pure” java?

Yeah, JavaFX would totally be allowed

What’s the point on insisting on “pure Java”?

What’s the point in limiting it to “pure Java”? As if writing a game in “pure Java” didn’t just mean that the native code was abstracted away from you?

From arbitrary restrictions we can derive “fun”. So yay! for Pure Java, and JavaFX is actually reasonably good for games.

Cas :slight_smile:

I wouldnt be interested in learning the intricacies of Java2D or JavaFX. Seems to have no value if I can just hone other skills that actually matter.

JavaFX is actually worth learning… it’s quite good.

Cas :slight_smile:

Could be fun. As a transferable, useful skill, JavaFX is certainly useful to have on your CV. And low-level graphics hacking should never be the main focus of game development. There are more important things to focus on, like playability, creativity and originality.

Sure. Bring back the glory days of just sending jars to each other!

Why not? Bring back the glory days of just sending massive jars to each other!

I’m all for this. Sounds really fun. :smiley:

Seeing that there are some people interested in it, I was thinking of starting the contest the Monday or Tuesday after Ludum Dare ends (by ends, I mean the time for submitting games ends). Is that ok?

Why so close to LD? Isn’t the submission deadline the day that the Jam ends? I would move it way further out, at least a couple weeks before or after LD so that you can get as many people as possible!

Good point opiop.

Ok then, I see your point. When would you (not meaning you as just opiop, but the people interested in the jam) suggest it be?

Quite honestly I don’t think it matters. Maybe closer to the holidays so people might have more time? I know that now that I have a full time job (like a lot of people on this forum), I barely have free time let alone enough to do an entire jam. Holiday season might give some people a little time off though!

Labor Day springs to mind. Does that sound ok?

You might not get a lot of well… over 21 people because alcohol and parties that day. But you’re definitely heading in the right direction. I’d say you’re best bet is probably closer to Christmas maybe?

I’d be really interested

But indeed not too soon after LD :slight_smile:

By then we’ll be having another Ludum Dare…