I'd like to get the ball rolling in this competition

… so this thread is going to be about the specifics of organisation.

Firstly: we need some judges. Who would like to volunteer?

Secondly: we need some prizes, no matter how small. I offer my mediocre games. Any other offers of sponsorship?

Thirdly: we need a set of rules that everyone agrees on. They were thrashed out a bit in that other thread, but the need to be clarified here finally.

Fourthly: we need hosting. Who would like to host the web pages? Shall we just host it on LWJGL.org or is someone going to do it for us?

Fifthly: we need PR. Ideally someone will be making sure that the competition is widely known on gamedev, java.net, indiegamer, ludumdare, slashdot, etc.

Sixthly: we need an overall competition organiser, and a deputy for when said organiser realises how much work it really is and “disappears” for three weeks. Who would like to volunteer for these two posts?

Seventhly: we would like to pursue opportunities for advertising on the competition site, with a view to both raising cash for lwjgl development and also for buying a decent prize. To my mind we should be able to get enough money together from Adsense to provide a prize on the order of a Mac Mini or a Dell or some flashy graphics card. This is all at the discretion of the hosting provider. If it turns out that it’s LWJGL.org then that’s good.

Cas :slight_smile:

I volunteer to be a judge. Here are my machine specs:

AMD Thunderbird 1.0GHz
ASUS Radeon 9600 PRO/TD/128
Windows XP PRO SP2

Some games-book publishers offered a couple of hundred dollars work of game-programming books, if we get a list of where it’s being promoted and how.

Either you want to make use of some automated system, like JGF’s webstart creator, and/or java unlimited’s ranking/marking stuff

OR … it shouldn’t be anywhere but LWJGL.org, AFAICS

If people could touch base with me on this, so I can get info to publishers re: prizes, that would be great.

I guess I’m volunteering to co-ordinate the promotion and prizes and sponsorship efforts?

I’ll volunteer for either.

I’d like to take care of this one, it’s about all I’m good for since I’m still new to OpenGL stuff :wink:

I already have contest stuff coded, just a press of a button and I have a new contest category ready for submissions. Just let me know what pages you want and they’ll be up there in no time.

The benefit for me is Java Unlimited’s public library grows, and the benefit for you is headache-free contest management :slight_smile: (you wont be digging through forums to find contest submissions, for example)

and, of course, since this is to show off LWJGL, you can be sure I’ll be linking to that site (and maybe write up a quick article to get programmers enticed)

We can supply Tribal Trouble keys as prizes.

  • elias

now that you have a single place to post all submissions, you won’t have to dig anymore :wink:

Why not just post links here?


The J4K thread started the same way, it will get dirty in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, htere was no 4K thread. Now there is a section just for the LWJGL 16K competition and Cas is a moderator.


Wasn’t there? I was pretty sure there was. The problem was that it was cluttered with so many things other than links to submissions, and some submission links would be updated half way through the thread etc… it was a pain to use as a reference.

I don’t think a discussion thread is appropriate for collecting the submissions. Even if we just email submissions to the organizer and they take care of putting them together in the appropriate place it would be better than posting links here. But that’s all moot if Woogley has a decent submission system ready to go.

And I do… http://unlimited.woogley.net/games/submit.php :wink:

All I have to do is rename Java16K to LWJGL16K

From reading Cas’s previous posts, my interpretation of his desired rules is something like:

LWJGL16 Rules (Draft E)   
The competition shall:   
- start at 00:00 UTC on XXth XXXXXX 2005   
- finish at 24:00 UTC on XXth XXXXXX 2005 (2 months)
The application shall:   
- work with the standard java 1.4.2 JRE.   
- be packaged as one or more jars using the gzip format.   
- as packed jars, consist of no more than 16384 bytes, excluding libraries.   
- use version 0.97 of the LWJGL library available from lwjgl.org.   
- optionally use the FMOD library available from www.fmod.org.   
- work (without sound) if MIDI is used, but a soundbank is not available.   
- be startable using webstart.   
- be provided with a non-exclusive binary distribution license for the competition organisers.
- run on Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux
The application shall not:   
- require any libraries except those identified above.   
- use any resources external to the jar(s).   
- contain offensive material.   
- contain any unlicenced copyright material, trademarks or patents.   
Games shall be ranked by each judge separately in two categories.  
- Gameplay
- Technology

- For each Judge, the Nth ranked game in each category will score T-N+1 points, where T is the total number of 

- Games that are disqualified or fail to run score zero points.
- The total score for each game is the average score from the judges that tried that game.
- The final ranking is based on each games total score.  The actual scores will not be published.

I haven’t included the ‘score zero if doesn’t run on all three platforms’ bit, as it sticks in my craw, but of course feel free to add it in.
Alan :wink:

/Edit - I’d also recommend that a further release of LWJGL is made incorporating elias’s AccessController.doPrivileged() fixes, since this means that we could provide unsigned applications, making those 16k bytes much easier to count.

Right, that’s the rules settled; I’m happy with that. Yes, we shall use a pointrelease of LWJGL 0.97 which will be made available as a signed extension from somewhere.

Cas :slight_smile:

Also could a Box class be added to LWJGL in the 0.97.x release? We have Sphere, Cylinder, Disk, but no Box?

It’s not hard to code, even fun [1] to do in a 16k contest, but I feel it should be there.

I hope we get enough people joining this competition, as it’s a bit harder than 4k, because the expectations are a lot higher!

[1] http://www.geocities.com/debugrun/box.html ;D

Yes a box class would be sweet…

Question: If we use Fmod (and have to fetch and jar the fmod.dll ourselves) does this add to the total size counted for our game, or is it included as part of the libraries (and therefore exempt)?

This is part of the allowed size obviously as FMOD is considerably bigger than 16k. Duh ::slight_smile:
We will be supplying a signed FMOD dll jar.

Cas :slight_smile:

we will provide one. However you must abide by the fmod license then.
Do note that fmod isn’t 100% complete, and may or may not have issues.

…but not yet?

Things move slowly while we’re all busy :slight_smile: Besides I’m thinking it might be nice to wait for the next LWJGL release as it includes the much-waited-for JInput wrapper.

Cas :slight_smile:

Using the JInput wrapper should make the games more flexable! I think that is a good idea!