How to organize Data(texCoords etc) in an Entity Component System

Hello dear JGO :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask you how you organize data for Entities. By that i mean the way you save(to file) and load(from file) things like texture coordinates, positions etc.
They are a lot of options as usually, but probably i am not seeing the simplest method.

As an example, when i want to save my entities texture coordinates (amongst other components), i dont see the point of saving many floats per entity, when i could save it as for example an enum ‘TC_PLAYER_WALK’ or something.
I suppose you get the idea.

At the moment i have a class for every entity type, that has a static ‘getInst()’ method and also contains final static texture coordinates and other needed states, so that i can set data by referencing it(In a system that processes an entity or even a script). I did that to have my data initialized in one single place, and if i need to make changes, im doing it there.
Plus: im starting to need i/o, saving and loading the entites in a safe way, that means maybe moving the hardcoded stuff towards Json a little more.

I guess there is a simpler, more ‘proper’ way of doing things?

Am i better of in keeping it in different classes, or maybe make something like a full blown ‘Asset Manager’ (aka dumping ground for everything imagineable)

I really need some help as i’m seeing that when i continue with my project, at ssome point it’ll be a mess.

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile: