How can I make this unique?

I want to create a game that involves two main things - creating, and destroying. This game will be 2D. How can I make this unique, and not like terraria or minicraft? Any ideas would help!

Don’t use pixelated or retro graphics. Don’t use sprites but 3d models using orhto projection. Add shit ton of eye candy. Explosions.

Thanks, I’ll definitely do the higher quality graphics. A couple more suggestions hint hint would be nice though.

You should definitely take a look at Jesse Schell’s book “The Art of Game Design”. In chapter 6 (page 58) he writes about a conversation he had with a juggler at a juggling festival where the man told him he got his inspiration from keeping his eyes open while looking at everywhere else except other jugglers tricks.

It’s a nice story and I really shouldn’t try to describe all of it with my limited knowledge of English (If there’s no problem then I could copy the text here, but I don’t know if it’s allowed) but you should see if you could find it because it might help you find the inspiration you need.

What is the story of your game?

What happened to your character before the game happened?

What must the player overcome in order to succeed?

Does the player/character have personal issues (mental, physical, emotional) which block his ability to accomplish his goal?

Is the character the only one who can solve this problem? If so, why? How did the world get into this state in the first place?

Don’t make it unique, just do it. Clones are awesome.

:slight_smile: Just my opinion

Random idea: Minecraft Tower Defence?

Already made: (my work :DDD but accidently…)

Thanks for the ideas, guys.

I see the minecraft concept (terraria is the logical representation of it in 2D)
as a new gamegengre. (Sandbox Survival Cubeshifter :wink: )

There are many many games that followed the standards Quake, ManiacMansion or Dune2/Starcraft created.
I would not call them all simple clones, when they implement fresh ideas.
Its more like evolving on a cool new concept of a gamemechanic that was not used in this way before.

In the end, everything is a Pong clone.

If you want uniqueness, maybe you should think about the base mechanics and find a unique way to present them.

You say you want to base the game around creation/destruction, so maybe find an interesting way to create/destroy things.

Some off the top of my head ideas:

  • Create by planting seeds and pouring water on top / Destroy by drying up the ground
  • Create gathering gems and aligning them in a pattern / Destroy or modify by altering the pattern
  • Create by feeding a giant tortoise until it spits placeable objects / Destroy by making the turtle trample things

Graphical style is useful to attract people, but it is the gameplay that will keep them playing. No matter the graphics, if the game plays like Minecraft, people will notice.

Oh oh!

  • Create/Destroy by playing awesome guitar solos!

Brütal Legend had that mechanic. Shame the combat in that game was otherwise so lousy.

Let’s see, obligatory idea. Kinect game where the object is to sit still. Parents will snap it up ;D

Another idea, with an eye tracking camera and a tie in with Doctor Who. The title says it all: Don’t Blink

[quote]Let’s see, obligatory idea. Kinect game where the object is to sit still. Parents will snap it up
There’s a Wii Fit minigame that is, essentially, that. Not that great.

Being a 2d game, creation by drawing figures on the screen is pretty straightforward. Has been done a lot, I know, but it’s a nice mechanic when done properly.

How about a trading card game? You gather cards that contain structures, and use them to place stuff, or trade them to other players / NPCs for other cards.

A tile-oriented game like a roguelike or a strategy, where instead of squares or hexes, the tiles are Quasicrystals.

[quote]Let’s see, obligatory idea. Kinect game where the object is to sit still. Parents will snap it up
Why not a Blade runner game called “Voigt Kampff”?


[quote]Another idea, with an eye tracking camera and a tie in with Doctor Who. The title says it all: Don’t Blink
Nice! That reminds me of a GREAT Dr. Who episode: “Blink”

Get yourself some good “Weeping Angels” graphics and you will be half-way there!

Maybe as a 3D game where if you turn away…
In other words, create tasks that have to be completed while keeping the Weeping Angels within sight. Or by allowing the Angels to advance a measured amount, then you reposition yourself (while keeping them within sight).

Tell me this is not a brilliant idea! Now I want to make it myself—but lack 3D expertise.

Unclear if the title and the “weeping angels” statues as visual content would constitute copyright violation…

[EDIT] It is basically a modification of the child’s game “Statues” from the perspective of the person who is IT. Any statuary could be used. Imagine a general with sabre on horse or Abe Lincoln or Goethe or who knows coming after you.

[EDIT 2] Ooops. Forgot the OP wanted 2D. :stuck_out_tongue:

[EDIT 3 – months later] How did I miss that Sproingie mentioned the Dr. Who tie-in in the very text that I quoted? Jesus.

“Weeping Angels” is probably a BBC trademark. Using the idea would probably be fine, though it would certainly be mocked as derivative. A game mechanic where you always have to keep you eye on some Unspeakable Horror That Will Eat Your Face if you look away for just a moment could be fun, especially if you have a dim light source, but I don’t know that you can easily capture the terror of having to fumble around and never being able to look to see what’s behind you. Moffat is really a master at capturing some really primal fears … killer shadows, killer statues, loss of loved ones, loss of even their memory …

And you’re RIGHT, it’s a lot like “reverse freeze tag”, a game i used to play as a kid (the gist of it is that anyone can call “FREEZE” on anyone who is IT, and he has to freeze, but you can’t call it twice in a row) came out before the weeping angels and is a very similar concept but already has its own fan-game. however,it has no trademark.

Creating and Destroying are definitely things one will enjoy, and there are plenty of ways to do it differently.
For one you can have a concept thats a little more specific than… nothing, like minecraft
as in, you have an actual goal

I hate Minecraft but I love Garry’s Mod, although its just a sandbox as well and would benefit from direction.

I’m just rambling here, so excuse me, but I do enjoy the concept I just hate minecraft and terraria, so I definitely think there are ways

I enjoyed building any kind of levitating devices in GarrysMod
Also I remember we build “the house of a thousand traps” over and over - its very much creation and destruction in that, one person takes a pre build building/architecture and has plenty of tools to make traps out of… in source mod these would be laser mines, barrels, that sort of thing
you especially building a parcours and the other person has to go through without dying; failure will result in destruction - which is fun, seeing it all explode, mostly in a chain reaction kind of matter

I really enjoy something like “here is vast amount of objects you may use, and now build a House/Car, Rocket or even Rollercoaster/Train”
These were all things we did in GarrysMod, but of course these were selfmade goals "lets build "
So a little more direction and I would eat it up