Ok, this is gonna be the last one for a while (gonna sort GB out before continuing)… so if you can bare another one here we go:



Main-Class: H

EDIT: Screenshot http://games.cokeandcode.com/4k/hack4k/screenshot.gif

Its kinda of a Rouge/NetHack thing accept obviously severly limited by the 4k. I’ve done this one more just to see how much harder getting images in would be… and its really really really hard :slight_smile: More credit to those who’ve made good games with sprites in!

Feedback as always much appreciated.


PS. Sorry to those who still can’t get to the games.cokeandcode.com domain… I still haven’t figured out whats going on.

Awesome, another 4k wonder!

It could use some heallth though (unless I just missed it all…in wich case it could use more :wink: )

Good stuff!

Ah yes, I forgot to mention… press H at any time to attempt to heal yourself :wink:


I killed everyone in the whole place, and then attempted to step on a door that was in the corner of one of the rooms, and nothing happened. I hoped it would take me to the next level or something :wink: So ya, so far all I can tell is in there is you kill everyone in the room and you’re done. Any more to come?

Bloody hell Kev, you’re a machine! More great stuff.

Cas :slight_smile:

Ah ha, someone found the door thats meant to take you down to the next level … where you’ll find more scary monsters… I guess there might be a bug there…

I’ll see what I can do…

@Cas - to quote Buzz Lightyear - ‘Are you… mocking me?’


Okie dokie… slight coding error (a 10 where there should have been an 8). You can now proceed down the levels to find the evil wizards that live near the bottom somewhere… I would suggest however, that you try and level up as much as possible before getting down there otherwise you’ll likely to be obliterated…

Re: Source Code (asked in one thread or other). I’m about to add a section to the little java games site that gives the source code away with a big banner that says “Its really really bad code”. :slight_smile:


are there any more controls to see your level status? I see the >50 or >100 which I assume is experience I’m gaining but I haven’t seen any messages telling me that I’ve levelled or what my stats are. Some hud display might be nice :slight_smile:

EDIT: Woo I just got to lvl 2. I killed my first drake too. I’m such a badass :wink: Yes, some slightly easier display would be nice. Draw a HP/MaxHP somewhere and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

I tried really hard to get the HUD to fit in but I couldn’t get it… maybe if I can find some time tomorrow I’ll try some more… working with images in 4k is a right pain in the rear.

It should be 1000xlevel to get the next level in experience although I’ve never tested this. At level gain you should get 10 more hit points. If I could just find 100 more bytes it’d be sorted… maybe I’ll try taking the image file out of the zip to get some more space back?


2 more suggestions. Webstart saving (not sure how space expensive that is) and make H heal for (level +1)/2 instead of just 1. Making it heal for just level would be too powerful I think.

I request saving because I don’t want to close this thing now that I’m level 5 and realizing you’re going to be adding new features that I’ll have to restart to try… sob :slight_smile:

For the hud, the only thing you need is at the right end of the console draw:
"HP " + HP + “/” + HPMax
"Lvl " + level
If you can fit that in, that’s all anyone will ever need :slight_smile:

for(int i=0;i<kevsGameIdeas;i++) {
   System.out.println(i + " games created by kev");

LOL j/k :wink:

Ran great, very run. little hud for HP and level is prob all ya need.

Updated! The HUD is now in… you should now be able to reach the evil wizards at the bottom…

However, I couldn’t fit load/save. Maybe in the bigger version should there ever be one :slight_smile:


Good work kev. The hud is quite the improvement :slight_smile:

It’s actually quite fun (I don’t like those games generally) :wink:

yeah same here, this is the only one I’ve played for more than 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Well now I can never sleep because the game doesn’t save… but hey, he did add the Heal mod suggestion I asked for! :slight_smile:

And about 3 hours later… with help of the program I wrote to play with me (for faster key clicking) I made it to level 15. I’m exhausted. I couldn’t work on Rimscape because your game takes 100% resources and so anything else I try to do just hangs. Then of course I couldn’t close the game because I can’t save, so I had to just keep playing :wink: Wonderful game. It gets my vote since I obviously have played it much more than any of the others ;D

Eeep, should I take the webstart down?! :wink:


Arrggggghhh!! Why am I always punished?

I’m one of the ‘problem children’ who can’t find games.cokeandcode.com. Accckk!

I did get to www.coke… fine. I even messed with the url from there hoping to still get to the 4k hack jnlp. No luck. I did play trooper though. :wink: That was fun, even if you don’t mention it anywhere.

Can you give the ip addrs? Doing a ping from the commandline on a win box gave me an unresolved addrs as well.


Dr. A>

The IP from games.cokeandcode.com is the same as cokeandcode.com and newdawnsoftware.com -

You could for example add that manually to your hosts file (win2k/xp).

Should work from: