I had to take a shot at it;


Kill pedestrians by getting close to them and hitting the space bar.
Get near a car and hit space to steal it.
Hit space to abandon a car.

Have fun! (tip: The cop car is by far the best :wink: )

How many red circle highlighted people are there? is it possible to ‘win’ ?

There’s 10 targets & you win if you kill them all - it’s not easy!

That’s bloody hard but good fun. :slight_smile: You’ve squeezed an awful lot in, it really feels like the original GTA.

Pretty impressive. Glad someone will be giving Markus a run for his money this year.

Fantastic. $16, and that took me several tries, but it’s great fun.

Cool game.
I found the controlling a little hard to get use too.
Maybe make it the cops have to stop you for 1 second or so to bust you.
I some how exited a car and got stuck a wall.

I would like to see the red guys fight back or somehow better then normal guys.
Guns? :slight_smile:

Yeah… Great quality as have come to expect from you now… Always nice to have some mindless cold blooded violence fitted into 4K…
Just need the vice girls and it will be complete. Was a bit hard, but will try again tomorrow.

This is awesome! I only stood a chance after I stole one of the cop cars 8)

Pretty awesome game. I got to $17. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The difficulty ramp could use some fine tuning. It’d be cool if more polices started chasing you after you’d been violent, with less polices at the beginning of the game.

“Winner!” $128 ;D

I guess the police cars follow a set of waypoints dropped behind the path of your car?
I did a few laps of the city edge clockwise, then turned around and did a few laps counter-clockwise driving on the opposite pavement(sidewalk). Cops were just ignoring me =]

It would be cool to maybe make it like $17,000… $17 seems pretty damn rinky-dink, and definitely not a reason to kill 10+ people. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. Life’s worth more than that… You now get $10 for a passerby & $100 for a target.

handy tip kill the nearest pedestrian, wait for the cops then steal their car! Instant transport! ;D

EDIT: Wow - I forgot Riven’s pack200 utility - 230 bytes saved!

Very cool!

I get busted before I can even react sometimes. Maybe make a life bar or something? It doesn’t feel like much of a fight with the cops. Just boom they roll up in front of you and game over. Maybe when the cops get you like they do now, instead of game over you have to try to get away on foot? Maybe they get out of their cars too and start shooting you?

If you could fit a pistol in there, that would be fantastic! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the helicopter!

Hi SimonH,

Wow, that is amazing.
Interesting to see what you can do with the remaining 230 bytes !!!

Best regards from


Ehm, whatever browser I try, I get this very weird output, unplayable obviously

this is the game screen which appears

I got in a car and somehow popped inside of a building at the same time and couldn’t get out. The police continuously circled the building, but were unable to get me, mwhaha. :slight_smile:

It runs kinda jerky here, but woo it’s great. =D

Nice job, very impressive.

Runs well for me. Very nicely done. I find the cars react well to my controls, it is only my bad play that makes me lose.

Thanks for comments guys!

@abuse: Well done! (I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never actually managed it without cheating - AFAIK you’re the only one to ‘legally’ finish the game!)
Should I post the cheat or would that spoil the fun?

@cero: Sorry about that! What version of java are you using?

@Markus_Persson: Jerky? Erm… was there some background process running or something? Runs smoothly here and this machine’s a dog!