Greensandbox. Voxel tarrain engine

Hi all

I just would like to show my small voxel terrain engine. In my opinion it is ‘cube world’ because this engine is based on voxels.
At this moment I have implemented following features:

  • JOGL render + basic GLSL shaders
  • smooth voxel terrain (marching cubes)
  • client/server network architecture
  • multiplayer
  • chunk management
  • wavefront obj model rendering


also I have lot of bugs and unfinished features

  • not optimized mesh and as a result low performance
  • problems with calculating normals in marching cubes
  • physics is not finished
  • no sound
  • no lighting
  • no day/night
  • no weather
  • craft system is not finished

But my biggest problem is textures, sounds and 3d models.
Unfortunately I have zero gamedev expirience (I am java/ERP/web/jboss developer) and I use the free texture/models which downloaded from internet.
I hope I can solve this problem in a future. May be I can find 3d modeller or something else.