Graphics Cards

I honestly think people are very dumb when determining if graphics cards are good.

I’ve been ripping performance out of every single computer I could get my hands on for smooth game place. I was never gifted with a computer that could play things at a steady frame rate. (now that I am waiting on my last component for my PC I am excite).

I saw some unboxing of a Zotex Nvidia GT 730 4gb 1600mhz and they complained about 120 fps on minecraft while it was raining D:
Minecraft is disgusting. Yet, when I run 15-30 all the time max on a crappy laptop with OGL < 2.0 Shader 1.2 you will inevitably see why I wouldn’t complain. I almost can run League of Legends at 60 fps with my other laptop and it has about the same OGL and Shader, but it is much better in terms of CPU clock and ram.

The computer that I built is far beyond my expectations and I haven’t even built it completely yet.
I can’t wait to get back to coding too, my gfx card should be here tomorrow.

I am writing this on one of the crappy laptops that I was talking about, and the fact that I was using a loaned laptop for so long is funny. My computer specs are ATX, AMD 4.00ghz FM2+ socket quadcore, g.skill 2x4gb 1600mhz DDR3, GIGABYTE F2A88X motherboard, 450w coolermaster psu, and Zotex Nvidia GT 730 4gb 1600mhz graphics card.

My target for this computer was obviously budget and I think I did very well. I bought the assets for this computer for under 300$

I am going to love the hell out of this PC :smiley:

Did you need a pc right now?
AMD’s polaris gpu’s are coming at the end of this month. for $200 you get VR experience.
They are also bringing out the new Zen cpu’s which are 40% faster than the excavator series.

I needed a pc right now sort of. I am in no way going to wait till the end of the month to spend 200$ on a gfx card. I spent 75$ and got me a 4gb one that fits all my needs (I am a minimalist). So I don’t really have any problem skipping out of VR right now. I am SURE there will be a console for that.

I’ve actually had thought about VR games, but I mean I’ll just use cardboard or something lol. I don’t actually want to be part of VR until I get some actual good years under my belt, if that makes sense. Zen CPU which are 40% faster huh. CPU has never been a bottleneck for me. I don’t think after a 4.00ghz quad core it even matters. Of course I am not talking about high end gaming. I rather not play GTA5 and all that, but some intelligent game you actually play. Such as a MOBA. Not something I just look at for aesthetics.

(Plus I promised to stream FF1 to any FF not online)

But 40% increase means you can get a cheaper version cpu

I already bought a CPU from a while ago so idk lol. Do I want to fork out even more money and sell my current one for less? :smiley:

I’m going to be pedantic, but the Zen CPUs are 40% faster per clock than the excavator series. They will likely have higher clocks and more cores, so Zen should be significantly more than 40% faster than the excavator series.

Thats good that they are getting that fast. It’s a shame we have to put prices on all computer things. I wish google would take over with internet too. But they haven’t. Sigh.

Wtf Hydroque… wat



I don’t even know what is going in this thread.

Just why.

I’m saying I’m tired of computers being so expensive, but necessary in our lives. It should be dirt cheap like the mcburgerz.

Ok, since you think that, I want you to do something. Dig up some sand, form it into sillicon, make a processor out of it, and then write an operating system for it. Then find some plastic and wires and make a keyboard and mouse. Not “dirt cheap like the mcburgerz”, is it?

Oh man…

You don’t need that desktop, I don’t even have a desktop/laptop at my house and I live just fine. It would be great if everything were free/super cheap, but then why would anyone work? And then why would most people try to better the society they live in? Money is a necessary evil.

You can find a perfectly capable old-ish machine that will handle everything you need.

NINJA EDIT: Got glass and silicon confused.

I won’t feed the trolls. I won’t.

Computers can be dirt cheap. Go buy a Chromebook and do all your development there. There’s online Java IDEs.

This is like the stories where the villain thinks that they are the hero, and everyone else the villains.

and yet you somehow are

A Raspberry Pi Zero is only $5.

I use a toshiba chromebook 2 with an I3 and 1080p IPS display and it’s very sleek-looking too. Although the bottom is kinda plastic-ey (I plan to paint it a metallic color maybe with a linux penguin stencil) it serves my needs!

As for the online Java IDEs, yuck… Let’s keep java out of the browser, I thought we all learned from applets
If you use crouton you can get a full linux environment (that’s not virtualized, it’s completely bare-metal performance) that runs Civilization Beyond Earth, WINE, Minecraft and even Tuxracer & GLTron. I don’t have any benchmarks but minecraft runs on 16 chunks and all the usual settings at 50-60FPS (This thing is passively cooled, give it a break). Plus it’s a bit cheaper due to the whole free software thing. (I got mine from B&H photo for 600$)

If anyone has any questions about how games / development stuff runs in crouton PM me!