Game starting help !

Hello to all java gaming community ! I’m new to this forum, and that why i need your help for développing my game !
My game Will use a world wich contain tiles , isometric Will be the best, but if its in orthogonal , no problèm!
For the player , he would move where the player has clicked by his mouse , so i should include a pathfinding algorythm like a*… Etc…
And i’v take a view into few api like lwgjl , slick2d, etc…
My game would be like a real Time battleship game
My question is…
Where and how to begin my game ?
Ps: i need help please , its very important !
Ps2: Sorry for my bad english , its because im french !
Thànk you per advance!

You should probably start off with a smaller project, if you don’t know where to start.

WOW !!
dude, am a beginner and i can tell that you are taking the wrong path, i will ask you some questions, where you should answer them with Yes/No, each “Yes” will lead you to the next question and if it’s a “No” then you should do what ever it takes to make it a “Yes”

1-Do you ever wrote a program ?
2-Do you know all the programming basics ?
3-Do you know all the basics of the Java language ?
4-Have you made a real Java program ?
5-Have you made other real Java programs ALONE ??

if you get through all of that, then automatically you should be able to answer “all” your questions, at least you will know how to start, how to draw graphics, make them move and do “things”, and when you face a real problem, you should post your question here, and pretty sure you will get your answer, but if somehow my doubts are in the good place and the answers are “no” then i think you should take a look at this topic
am pretty sure you’ll find everything you need

PS :
i think you should forget about the “realtime” thing for now, you should focus on the important basics, networking will comes later

good luck


This isn’t an excuse. English is not the mother tongue of lots of people here (and I’m French too).

Yeah, but ‘lots of people here’ have been reading posts by people who speak good (or at least reasonable) English, and so will be better than someone new to the language.

You can’t blame someone for having bad english when they haven’t learnt it for very long.

I seem to have the most medals in the last month. Am I allowed to do that?

@gouessej je n’ai jamais dit que c’était une excuse ! Je rejoins l’idée de heroes, c’est pas parce que je parle pas anglais, c’est pour prévenir les personnes qu’ils doivent être indulgent car ce n’est pas ma première langue ,( bien que j’étudie beaucoup )
When i say : "real Time " i dont mean multi player but single player without turn by turn …
Yes i write programm, i study java since 1 year and a half , but all îv done was small project for my own utility etc…
So that why i want to create a game as a challenge … It´s all , îv study 2 pattern for now : strategy and décorator
I thank people who CAN help me!

start here
and what you said doesn’t mean “real-time”
good luck

Don’t worry, we do excuse you, but you have to show respect to gouessej since he ranks first in baguette length with a whooping 11.7cm !

Here’s the list of tutorials I have posted when alaslipknot asked the same.

First understand what a game is and the basic terminology used like (game loop, fps, ups, etc.,). Then learn how you can structure your program to make it a game the best. There are a lots of approaches. The best way to learn is by coding and experience it.

In the starting, try to make console games, like adventure ones, like

And soo on.

Then start making some GUI applications. Create a window by using Swing. Learn how you can display an image. Then try implementing animations, by changing the images. Before that, you have to learn about some threads. Learn how to create render loops. Try adding the game logic.

The first I made was a simple frame in which a box moves from left to right and swaps the screen. It’s on my tutorial site. Then understand how to make a best game loop (in the above mentioned articles). The first rule of thumb is to separate the game logic and rendering logic.

Then strip of to using a game engine and learn how it works by making some games with it and analyzing how it works. You can also see the source of the engine to see how it is structured. It helps you to create easily efficient games. Then try making your own engine. I’ve made games with GTGE and JGame and also made my own.

Then you can probably start off with some advanced topics such as OpenGL. Start off with a game engine like Slick2D or libGDX. Understand several example games. (Also rewrite them). Then check your knowledge against LWJGL, if it’s a success, you’ve learnt a lot. Try different ways of applications. Learn some Vector math. It helps much in games.

Thank you very Mach for your use full help ! Yea i Will Try what you say , but for the console , my game, the player Will move where the mouse has clicked … But anyway , i’m start with your tips now and some Times i post some code … Thank you

I agree with you, but this line isn’t right.

and when you face a real problem, you should post your question here

When you face a real problem, you need to search google and this forum. Most of the time, you can answer your own question and solve your own problem. By doing so, you learn a lot more.

I’m agree

it’s not a real problem if you find your answer easily by doing a little google search :wink:

I know I’m disagreeing with you a lot, but seriously, what kind of talk is that. Are you just trying to bump up your post count or something?

A real problem is not something you can find with a Google Search.
A real problem is not something you just come here and ask before doing anything yourself.

A real problem is a problem that needs to be solved with multiple Google Searches and a bit of thinking.

Ok ok guys , hum… In about 1 week i start my game and i post regulary my code here if i’v problem and i’v find a solution …
What engine CAN you tell me for what i want to do?

Engine? Just use libGDX…

I think you should try lwjgl first, before moving to libgdx, I don’t mean libgdx is harder (which obviously isn’t), but you should have some basic knowledge of the pipeline and it’s way more interesting to learn via lwjgl.

offtopic I know english is not your native language, (it’s not mine either) but what’s that word you keep repeating? i’v

I’m fairly sure that he’s trying to spell ‘I’ve’.