Game design videos by Extra Credits

I’ve recently discovered the Extra Credits series of game design videos. They’re quite old but I never noticed them so wanted to share them and have a discussion.
These are my favourite:




The idea of the power curve is very interesting. I never thought about games having that, maybe because I’m used to rpg’s where getting better just relies on putting more time in and leveling up. But even those games have a power curve, that’s why they feel broken for having underpowered weapons such as daggers in Diablo which were always far poorer than swords no matter what character you pick. Then again, maybe learning that daggers were useless is part of the fun of exploring the game

Bartle’s taxonomy was also very interesting, about the different player motivations in mmo’s:


A way to classify games as planning, practice and improvisation-centred:


And this about choices vs calculations, which the authors think are distinguished by choices being calculations with imperfect information. I think that’s interesting because the process of learning the compete information is often quite fun, so all calculations are choices for new players just beginning, and for the first players to explore the game.








I watched one about power creep, and one about Bartle’s taxonomy. I kinda knew or guessed about that things, or heard from someone, or read from somewhere, but this is pretty detailed and formulated analysis. I’d say not too deep, but its fine, for me at least ;D

Oh nice. I’d never heard of these ideas before. So interesting. The only other resource on game design i’d heard of is ‘octalysis’ which is very cool too:

ahah Gamification is an interesting idea, and also smart, and feel like fun to me, because I can’t live without games :slight_smile: , and I sometimes comparing games to real things. Well games based on our world, so it can be compared. So mostly I liked comparing gaming motivation to real world motivation, thats an uncommon subject.