Game Design - Puzzle desgin

Hi, I’d really appreciate it if you could point me in the right way of designing puzzles for my game. If you can give me some pointers on how to make the puzzles interactive and interesting, how to get new ideas for puzzles, and how to maintain a good difficulty curve throughout the game.
Any books or articles are more than welcome.
Thank you!

I don’t know if you’re going to find a definitive source for all of that. None of this is easy.

Are you experiencing a particular problem? Do you have a little demo we can play?

“Puzzle” is extremely broad, but you can help yourself narrow it down, the wikipedia article on them is actually quite good:

Hi - what kind of game? If it’s actually a puzzle game of some kind I would think the design of the puzzles would have been part of the original idea. In which case maybe it’s another kind of game and you mean “puzzle” as a sort of a tricky, “thinky” part within an otherwise more action-oriented experience, maybe intended to introduce some new mechanic and force the player to have to use a new weapon or whatever. Hard to say really - I second the motion requesting a little demo :smiley:

No, I am not experiencing a certain problem, I am just curious in general.
My game is an Horror RPG, which does not have a demo right now since it’s still in the making.
I started writing the first actual game play chapter and am curious on how to keep the puzzles interesting, how to create a good difficulty curve.
When I say puzzle it means the overall game mechanic to pass obstacles like locked doors, broken floors which lead to an abyss and such, I don’t have anything more specific than that.


There are different approaches. Some games will kill you quickly and frequently, but they still catch on, e.g., Flappy Bird was a brief viral hit until programmer freaked out at all the success.

Other games progress more slowly.

I think the main thing is whether the player cares or not. They may care for various reasons. If at some point the user “flips the bozo button” (for example, realizes that the puzzle is hopeless or impossible) then it’s all over. Many people like to feel like they have learned something from a puzzle, and this gives them motivation to continue.

I don’t know of anything written on the subject. There might be articles at Gamesutra on the subject.

If you do kill frequently, my best advice is that the kill be something one can see coming, in hindsight, if not in real time.